getting set up

Friday, January 7th, 2011

So I’ve been living in the new place almost a month and it’s coming together. So far I have:

painted the living room

hung new rods and curtains

painted the bathroom

installed shelf and mirror in the bathroom

attempted to organize these shelves

installed the shelf attachment to my mid century credenza (this was hard, I had some good help)

bought butterfly chairs, rug, coffee table for the living room

gotten rid of a lot of stuff

I would still like to:

cull my closet

paint the bedroom
paint the kitchen

get my butcher block out of storage and put it in the kitchen

buy a couch (ahem)

The couch is the first thing–I think I’m going to pull the trigger on one I saw this week. Then I can actually have people over and offer them more than a dining room chair to sit in.

What are your plans this weekend?

rv on fire

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Morgan and I witnessed this on our way to Joshua Tree: an RV on fire (complete with visible flames!) on the 10. As we were approaching we thought the hillside was on fire and it was only as we were passing it that we saw the reality. Thankfully we both caught the scene on our iPhones.

burbank > vegas > burbank

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Quick overnight work trip to Vegas last week. Beautiful light leaving from Burbank, great view from the Aria, watched the planes take off over the strip. Settling into LA in the rain now, painting the bathroom, catching up on the end of the year.

Debbie Carlos

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Inexpensive and beautifully mundane poster prints from the talented Debbie Carlos via LA in Bloom.

Happy Mundane

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

When we met up to go to Old Town Orange, we met up at Jonathan’s house. And even though I’ve known him for years (5 years, what!) and have seen tons of images of his amazing place, I’d never experienced it first hand. Well, it was a total inspiration, as you might expect.

They guy has taste. And he also has an amazing collection of things I want to steal.

I particularly loved this recurring color palette (and of course the Lauren Saunders Pillow which I’m a fan of because of Jon) of blue, brown, white and a hit of yellow.

Apartment Therapy Posts

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Here’s a little roundup of some recent posts I wrote for Apartment Therapy:

7 Simple DIY’s for the Dining Room
Citrus Season: From Scents to Decor
Vintage Table Runners
The Thrifted Tabletop

Links + Happy Weekend

Friday, November 19th, 2010

This is where I attempt to close some tabs on my computer by sharing what I’ve kept open all week.

Are you following the Hot Shot Blog (A Jen Bekman–of 20×200 fame–project)? There they share my love for William Eggleston (above) and showcase young photographers like Mike Sinclair (the 2009 Hot Shot Winner who emailed me to let me know that he’s not young ;)) and Aya Bracket (that’s her ‘Thanksgiving’ photo below). It’s a great pace to get inspired, especially if you’re at all interested in photography.

This is a great diy that I never would have thought was a diy. From Renest.

Red Tights and great business cards over on frolic

I just now noticed that destined to design wrote some nice things about my photography–thanks!

I don’t even really know what this thing is but I keep the tab open thinking I’m going to explore it more. It’s Japanese, it’s called Eatrip and it’s a “Contemporary Japanese food culture documentary”.

Speaking of fake food, I’m pretty sure that Sharon Core is complete genius. She photographs food and makes it look like painting.

From time to time, give yourself a day when you answer “yes” to any reasonable request. and 8 other ways to wake up your brain and be in the moment.

I want this clock.

Yolk Yellow and Cornflower Blue never looked so good.

And from the same great Australian blog Table Tonic, this inspiring house owned by photographer Dewey Nicks (originally in the LA Times):

Full of light, great art, big plants and space.

I also love this amazing bench (but really it’s the blanket that makes it):

Have a great weekend everyone. I’m helping celebrate my cousin slash honorary brother’s birthday, hoping to see some old friends and checking out a new old spot with Jonathan and Abby (and maybe Gregory). I’m also looking for an apartment. Wish me luck.

Donuts + Fake Food + Women Who Are Awesome

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I am obsessed with fake food. And I love donuts. And I went to Art School. So I love this photo project that involves not only fake food and donuts but Marfa, Texas.

Read more about Jacinda Russel and Nancy Douthey and their Search For the Center where they document:

“Our Love of Earthworks, Illicit Activities, Artist Stalking, Fake Desserts, Trespassing, Performance Art, Photography and Sculpture”.

They are my new heroes. And they share my love of Vintage Sunset Magazine Books about swimming pools.

And for all you Spiral Jetty Fans out there, read about their project Earthworks Near You.


Friday, November 12th, 2010

Easy flight up to San Francisco. Beautiful weather. Good people. Anthology launch tonight.


Monday, November 8th, 2010

I’ve been living back in Venice since the breakup. And although I was thinking of moving to the east side to silver lake or echo park, venice sure has been nice the last couple of days.