weekend in chicago

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Chicago was: my first great lake, vines, heat, walking, old fashioneds, deep dish, mary’s going away parties, car rides, the promises (and abandonments) of a road trip to milwaukee, anne sather cinnamon rolls, meeting and loving debbie, old buildings, the suburbs, mary’s family’s sunday dinner, meatballs, big glasses of milk, the biggest bowl of ice cream I’ve ever been served in my life, a gas station with no gas, radiohead, cargo shorts, humidity, late night pancakes, sausage, more beer, a place called kankakee, dean’s house.


Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Looking forward to road trips, leisurely walks, catching up on the blog, shooting more impossible project, sleeping, growing things and instagraming (I’m @ljoliet).

I’m way behind on updating here, but all for very good reasons. I’m still planning to share images from New York + Yosemite + Chicago (jeez and Paris pics from last Fall and San Francisco from earlier this year, yikes!) and want to share some of the awesome clients I’ve been working with and the fact that I’ve been rearranging my apartment. Things have been shifting (for a while now) and in the best possible ways. I want to share all of that, but for the moment, it will all have to wait.

In the meantime, some of my favorite trips taken in the last year ish: berlin, london, petrolia, todos santos (and the house), my beautiful and ever changing neighborhood, joshua tree, alt summit, alaska, one of my favorite drives.

Inspired, as always, by kate, morgan, jessica, jon and tracy.

Still trying to remember this sentiment from the start of the year as we move into a new season.

Happy weekend + happy summer.