madewell event : come say hi

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

LA Friends! Come hang out with me this thursday May 1st from 6-8 at the Madewell at the Americana. We’ll be celebrating the new Spring looks with drinks, treats and tunes by my own Jeff. Stop by and say hi, I’ll help you pick some new looks out and also we can just hang out. Special bonus: if you spend $125 or more you get 20% off plus the first 15 people that spend will get one of my posters to take home! Hope to see you there!

(Also p.s. I just changed my social media from @ljoliet to my full name @laurejoliet. It should all happen automatically if you already follow me, but just in case this is a heads up.)

new work: shirley kurata for nothing major

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Catching up on some recent work (from 3 months ago, yikes!) that I did for Nothing Major’s new journal (they’re the visual arm of Pitchfork). I spent the afternoon with Mike and Dean and Martha and we collaborated on this interview and home shoot with uber stylist Shirley Kurata. The day was sunny, involved champagne and good friends. Thanks Mike and Dean for making it happen!

Read the whole interview and more photos over on Nothing Major.

braids + intentions

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

One of my intentions for the new year was to keep going down my path of shooting interiors and architecture, refine my process, get better, keep going. Another one was to push myself ever so slightly in new directions that might scare me a little. So I’ve been shooting things that move. Like people. And now I’m going to share a little. I’m really proud of work that I shot recently for Alison Brislin and her amazing braids. I’ll reveal the full shoot soon, but for now, it’s pretty fun to see one of the shots in her promo material (designed by Kate Miss) that she’ll be using at this weekend’s Cream Event. (Also I’ll be there as a braid model, if you’re there please say hello! This is me.)

(thanks to Kate Miss for the photo, from her instagram)

animal print shop giveaway + nursery tour

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Earlier in the summer I got together with Sharon Montrose of Animal Print Shop fame and Morgan Satterfield to collaborate on a design/interior/photo project. Sharon was excited to launch new prints and wanted to put Morgan’s design and styling talents to good use, putting together the most awesome of nurseries. A nursery to rival all nurseries. A nursery fit for The Brick House. And since Sharon would be busy helming the endeavor (and generally being pretty boss), she asked me to come on board and shoot it. It didn’t hurt that Morgan and I have a history of collaborating on projects (see here, here and here) so we all traveled out to Palm Springs and spent 3 days installing and shooting. Morgan totally brought it and made the best looking nursery I’ve seen. Arian from Modshift even came along and shot a a fun video (see it here)!

Oh wait did I mention there’s an amazing GIVEAWAY? Yeah, see that modern Oeuf crib, that Rove Concepts womb chair and the Animal Print Shop Prints? Yeah it’s all part of the giveaway (you get to choose your print (s) up to $1,000 worth). Enter the giveaway here! It’s basically all the elements you need to make your own modern nursery. And then some.

Can’t wait to share more of what we worked on that week.

And thanks again to Sharon, who is such a joy to work with, and honestly, my spirit animal. Also Morgan is cool, too.

(All images shot for Sharon Montrose and The Animal Print Shop)

braid bar + fundraiser

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Those of you who follow me on instagram might be familiar with all the awesome braids I wear. They’re all thanks to my friend Ali who is a braid genius. (She and Kate and I did a whole series of braid tutorials). And Ali needs all of our help. After a routine check up, it was discovered that she had a huge tumor in her ovary that needed to be taken care of immediately. She had been having symptoms but was misdiagnosed months earlier when she had insurance. So that meant she had to go ahead with an emergency surgery sans insurance. You can read her story here for more details.

The bottom line is that Ali has a ridiculous amount of medical debt and we all want to help her out. So Kate put this amazing design together and Whitney from Myrtle generously agreed to host a braid bar fundraiser on Saturday (Oct 20) with 10% of sales going to the fund. Ali will be offering 4 styles of braids for a suggested donation all afternoon to help you primp for your evening. And if you’re anything like me, the braids will last for days. PLus there will be ribbons and flowers and other fun things to add and play with.

Also I will be there documenting all the braiding action. It’s sure to be a good time and for a good cause.

Find all the info here. Walk ins are welcome and you can also email Ali to guarantee a slot, all the info is on the site. And if you aren’t in LA but want to participate you can donate here.

Hope to see you all there.

sf bound + yellow owl workshop

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Heading to San Francisco this weekend to work on something I’ve been planning for…maybe a year? I’m teaming up with Yellow Owl Workshop and shooting their next book! I’ll be back next week with more France updates. (Pictured is one of their stamp activity kits).

Happy long weekend, all!

last week in instagram

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

1st row: Echo Park in the summertime, plum cake from Cookbook, humid sunset.
2nd row: favorite summer dress from A.P.C., the Poketo store opening (find me in this post), art openings in chinatown
3rd row: tabletop shoot props, baco mercat (get the bazerac and the original baco), photobooth fun with claggie at bootleg (we saw the union line)
4th row: my first dodger game since moving to echo park two years ago, beautiful california, summery cocktails by emma.

You can follow me on instagram via statigram or look me up, I’m @ljoliet.
I also sometimes post my instagrams on twitter.

impossible project film

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Brought my sx-70 polaroid land camera with me to santa barabara last weekend (I brought a lot of gear) and started playing around with impossible project’s new px-70 color shade film. Thought it would be perfect for capturing some of the sun drenched california landscape. The film is admittedly tempermental and even with the exposure setting turned to dark the images came out pretty washed out (even though I shaded them immediately) and some didn’t actually turn out.

I still love the aesthetic, just wish it was a bit more consistent (I remember the days of real polaroid film — one of my first photo school projects was done entirely with sx-70 film and though it wasn’t entirely predictable it wasn’t a complete surprise, either). Excited to keep playing with it on my next trip — shooting my first wedding, in colorado.

Have you tried impossible project film? Any tips?

Also, because I’m in love with california and road tripping now more than ever, I really appreciate these shots by brian ferry.

braid tutorial #2: kate’s side bun braid

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

If you follow my instagram, you’re aware that my friend Ali is a master at braiding my hair (follow her twitter/instagram). And if you follow Kate Miss, you know that she, too, is a master braider (and really good at doing braids on herself). I can’t braid to save my life, but I have thick hair so…I’m a good hair model?

The point is that Kate, Ali and I recently got together to photograph our favorite braids so we could post tutorials — three different braids, three girls, three kinds of hair. The first tutorial for The Ali Special is up on Kate’s blog and it’s the one you most often see me sporting on instagram. Today we’re featuring Kate’s simple side bun braid — a braid you could more easily do on yourself.

A quick note that these tutorials aren’t going to teach you how to French braid hair (here is an incredible thorough tutorial that you can use to practice on friends and your own hair) but are ideas for how to apply braiding to some of our favorite looks.

Side Bun Braid

Recommended supplies:
A wide tooth comb
Clear elastic bands, like this (
Bobby pins – if you can get them, these Japanese pins ( the best, you can also get them in Japanese beauty supply stores

Tips: Dirty hair is better for braids! Greasy? No problem, it will hold better.

Brush your hair out and grab a small section of hair behind your ear to start with. The braid shown in the photos is an inside out French braid, or Dutch braid – which means instead of grabbing more hair and putting it into the middle braid, you grab more hair and pull it under. Kate finds this braid much more easy to do on myself do to the position of my hands behind my head. But this braid can also be done as a regular French braid. You want to braid the back of your hair straight across until you hit your ear, then tie it off with an elastic band. Wrap the rest of your hair into a loose bun and pin in place. If you have really long hair you could tie the rest of the hair into a bun with an elastic band and then pin the sides of the bun down. The bun looks better messy and loose. Alternately you could braid the rest of your hair all the way down and rock a side braid, but this is better with longer hair!

Kate is inspiring me to shoot film again (more soon!) so that second to last shot was taken with her Mamiya 645, the rest are my normal 5D Mark II.

Kate’s Lipstick is Nars in Heatwave and the necklace is one of her own creations.

Stay tuned for Ali’s braid on friday!

big jambox

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

I hinted at it before, but I’ve been working on a big campaign to help launch Jawbone’s latest wireless and all around awesome speaker, The Big Jambox. It was designed by Yves Behar to be the big brother to the ultra portable original jambox. And having spent the week with the big version, I can tell you the sound is amazing and really good for larger spaces and outside (parties! picnics! I’m not being paid to say this!).

I got to work with a great ad agency based out of San Francisco and, together, we created a series of images of the big jambox in some seriously great interiors. It was all very exciting, I had to sign an nda since it hadn’t come out yet and we had to be very hush hush about the product. I’m lucky to have a network of people with great homes that I could call upon at the last minute (like Tracy and Gregory and Simon and Laura and Elsie and Abby and Erin and Jerome–thanks to all of you!).

It was also a great chance for Morgan and I to do more work together–she handled the props and styling of a ton of different interiors and probably made 4 million decisions every day. And though I almost completely wore her and Heather out–we shot 3 locations a day for 4 days in a row–I thought everyone did a fantastic job and couldn’t be happier. You can see all the images for the Big Jambox on pinterest.

Obviously no shoot would be complete without a cameo appearance by Hazel. Check out all the images on pinterest.