design sponge: grace’s husky ranch

Monday, March 12th, 2012

So excited to share images from a recent shoot for Design Sponge that went live today! Not only did I get help from Morgan on styling, but Abby came armed with props and Grace hosted the shoot with Nutella cupcakes and huskies. Grace’s house had really nice light and, of course, interesting spaces and getting to spend the day working with friends is always the best.

See the whole spread here on Design Sponge.

morrison hair co.

Friday, February 24th, 2012

At the end of last year I got a call from Rachel and James Morrison about shooting their salon in Laguna Beach. They were in the beginning stages of renovating a spanish style home and turning it into their family business and wanted me to shoot it when it was all finished. I loved them and the space immediately and couldn’t wait to work together. So when they asked for help with the design I was definitely on board. And when that quickly turned into a full design of the space it was the perfect opportunity to bring Morgan on to team up and design together. It was so much fun and so great to work with Rachel and James who trusted us to help create their ‘non salon’ salon.

I’ve also included some befores and afters so you can see the raw space and then the finished space. And you can read more about the details of the space on Morgan’s blog.

The best part about the salon is that the whole idea that Rachel and James had was that they wanted people to come in and feel like they were being invited into their home. So there’s no real ‘reception are, you just enter into a living room that comes complete with a whole beverage bar so that you can make yourself a cup of tea and relax before your appointment. (and yes that’s a custom terri planty on the table and Morgan’s Lindsey Adelman chandelier that I convinced her to give up for the good of the salon.)

The main salon area we wanted to keep really simple and a little industrial since it would be full of hustle and bustle once the salon opened. We also wanted to make it completely gorgeous with the live edge dry bar perfected by Dusty Wheeler. Here’s a before and after:

Here are Rachel and James being totally adorable. James is kind of a big deal ( I found out later, you would never know, he’s so approachable and down to earth, but he was the artisitc director at Toni and Guy for…decades…and one of the founding partners in TIGI).

Here’s a before and after of the main entry looking onto the salon floor from the living room.

And this one of the main salon floor from the back entrance:

Check out the gorgeous Morrison Hair website.

Thanks again Rachel and James for letting us be a part of the family!

table top

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Just a sneak peek of a project I’ll be sharing next week. Happy weekend.

new work: sunia homes

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

So excited to finally unveil images from a home I got to shoot at the end of last year for a new (and very exciting) company building modern, sustainable, affordable homes in California. Sunia Homes have built their first model home right here in Echo Park and I got to shoot the new space with my partner in crime, Morgan who manned styling the space with Ali’s help.

Besides all the sustainable elements and concepts behind how these homes are built, the actual finished space is beautiful and full of light and I loved shooting it. Jerome, the mastermind behind Sunia, is so passionate about the company that it’s totally infectious. I especially loved working with Jerome because he wanted to make sure that the interiors stayed more relaxed, more like how the space is really used. So our styling inspiration was all about keeping it simple and alive (an image from my portfolio was a good reference, can you guess which one?).

Here are some of my favorite images currently up on their site plus a couple of my favorite outtakes.

Check out the newly launched site for Sunia Homes.

no open toed shoes on set

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

After two and a half months shooting season two of Enough Already with Peter Walsh, we finally wrapped yesterday! It was a long haul but a good one. I’ve been working 80 hours a week on the show as set decorator and this final week as art director. Thank god Morgan was working with me, and I can’t wait to share what we did once the shows finally air on OWN.

As much as I love working as a photographer it can be a lonely metier and the cameraderie of being on set with a full crew giving 100% towards a common goal was totally uplifting and, honestly, a lot of fun. I’ll spend next week wrapping the show but I already miss the crazy days, inside jokes and completely inappropriate humor.

I will not miss adding to my already incredible bensimon tan lines.

neon tape

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Got a chance to catch up with Jon and Tyke (god, I just love them) in their new home this morning. They aren’t finished with the new place so I backed off on shooting every nook and cranny but couldn’t pass up the great hits of neon pink they used to hang up artwork.

It’s japanese masking tape (you can find something similar here) and it’ perfectly haphazard, fun and design-y all at once. The flower photo is one that Tyke took and the elk is from Debbie Carlos.

secrets from a stylist: episode 6

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here is the first episode I ever shot for Emily and her show Secrets from A Stylist. Emily goes super in depth recapping the process and sharing where and how and why she brought in what she did and you can read the one for this episode here and here and (if you’re like me and no longer have tv and ony watch tv on the computer) you can watch the full episode here on

I loved the slingy milo baughman looking chairs, the collection of vintage cameras, the cowhide, the barcart, and surprisingly I really really like the purple on the walls. I showed up on my own and just shot away without distraction. The light was great and I only had to shoot around 2 doorways that led into ‘undone’ rooms. I also got to style the flowers (I just matched what Emily had there with fresh ones, but it was a good lesson anyway). It was a great start to shooting with Em and still one of my favorite spaces.

And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for the homeowner, check out Amy’s blog to hear the other side of things and get a glimpse into how much gets edited for reality tv.

nadia geller

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I spent most of 2009 working with Nadia. Not only did we nail a bunch of projects for the Kor Group together (see here, here and here) but it was also the year that Nadia had her baby Sasha. I was really happy to be a part of such a big year for her. I also learned so so much about getting spaces together fast, on a deadline, on budget and awesome.

We worked out of her home office, a cabin in the hills with a great history (more on that soon), a wonderful energy, and nadia’s style–a little mid century, a little gingerbread house, lots of pattern, a dash of betty crocker, a little regency, and fun.

Nadia was also someone who had really pushed me to do photography (I had been informally shooting our installs). So it all came together last week when I shot her home (they bought a house and are moving at the end of the month). Stay tuned for a full house tour on Apartment Therapy to reveal the whole house (just wait until you see the fireplace!).

enough already

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

A while back, I mentioned that I was hired as a set decorator for a tv show. Well my episodes have aired so I can share them. The show is enough already with peter walsh and it’s all about clearing clutter (one of my favorite things). They found people with serious issues around stuff (not as bad as hoarders, it wasn’t gross, it was just messy and full) and peter confronts them and helps them work through their issues as they purge their things.

While he’s doing that, I worked with the art director (Hi Mike!) to design the ‘after’ or ‘big reveal’ so we didn’t deal with sorting their things, just putting them back. We basically had 4 days to pull 2 rooms together. It was madness, I was exhausted, but loved it. I had great great help from Morgan and Heather and the whole swing team. A special shout out to Barry, Peter’s organizing right hand man who brought so much personality to the set it made it seem like I was less tired than I was.

Here’s the Glendale House (or the house where peter seriously met his match) before:

(the clock is above a fireplace that you can’t see)

Here is the after:



The house belongs to a couple in their mid 30′s with 2 young kids. It’s a great mid century house in the hills in glendale so that’s where we got a lot of inspiration. The husband is an architect and the wife works in PR so we wanted to give them a place where they could show off and entertain. We took it a little more design-y because we thought they’d get it (they did not). We reused a lot of their furniture–only the couch and coffee table are new. The coral chairs, credenza and dining set were all in there. We painted the fireplace, added dark blue grass cloth to the walls, hung new curtains and accessorized.

Here is their bedroom before:

I swear I’m not trying to make the befores look worse than they were. We were scouting at night and I only had my iPhone. Also, I always thought that TV crews must make these places look worse. You know, maybe by tipping over some boxes or something, but I can honestly say that this is exactly what the house looked like when we got there, and I went there twice.

And after:


The bedroom we wanted to make feel really relaxing, or the opposite of how the green walls, clutter and no curtains felt in the before. We had a hookup for grasscloth so we did a neutral one and then added in lots of white, pops of chartreuse and tempered it with grey. I think on camera it looked a little blah, but in person it felt so much better–open and spacious and light. We even snuck in a little comfy chair across from the tv for the kids to pile up on to watch morning cartoons.

This is me with peter on the last day of filming. The intense hours made the whole thing feel like summer camp and it was a little emotional to say goodbye to everyone.

The show is Enough Already on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Mondays at 8.

Update: check out Morgan’s Awesome Post where she went into a lot more detail about what we did (she is more patient than I am!). She also (rightly) gives herself props for her ability to style vignettes. Thank god she was there, I would have lost my mind.

baby shower

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

I’m going to be a (sort of) aunt soon! I don’t have siblings so I blackmail my cousins into promising that their children will never know that I’m not a real aunt. Here comes the first one. The baby shower was this past weekend — I made terrariums for the table and Ariel made incredible food (how much do I love cheese).

Em is about 7 months along and freaked out that she’s huge but of course she isn’t.

Only she and louis know if the baby is a girl or a boy so everything had to be unisex. I got the baby this mobile and some wooden cars (I’m sure it’s a boy). But I loved this gift wrapped in black and white stripes with an embroidered yellow ribbon.