Blu Before and After

We did another Sales Office for the Kor Group down in Long Beach. They acquired the property and proceeded to rebrand. Clearly the first design direction left a lot to be desired. This one we turned around in about 2 weeks. I was busy with other clients so I wasn’t as involved in the lead up to installation. But I was there for the install, let me tell you. This is one of my favorite spaces. It’s rustic, modern, cozy but sleek. I’m also so happy that we ended up with this wallpaper in the sales office. Love.

This is the conference room. Nice big farm table, upholstered chairs and fun shelves with great objects and coffee table books.

This is the lobby that residents of the complex will use. The before was so dark, heavy and sad. It didn’t make any sense and you definitely didn’t want to hang out or spend any time there. We warmed it up, filled the wall with vintage images, wallpapered the ceiling, added some texture and made two distinct seating arrangements.

We had to reuse or repurpose furniture wherever possible and didn’t repaint in the lobby, so it was incredible to see the transformation from blah to warm and cozy, modern and stylish without a complete overhaul of the original elements.

All designs are Nadia Geller Designs.

5 Responses to “Blu Before and After”

  1. CitricSugar says:

    Wow!! Huge difference even without a complete reno – wonderful!!

  2. pen.ny says:

    LOVELY!!! Love all of the lighting so much.

  3. Great interiors!!! love the comparison with the before and after

  4. Jacquelyn says:

    This looks really great!

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