More Before and Afters

Remember these befores and afters? Well Erin over at Design for Mankind loved them too and featured them over on Shelter Pop for a feature on warming up loft spaces while staying cool and minimal. It was fun to write about what I learned on the project. Check out the article here.

It reminded me that I had some other befores and afters to share with you from the same project:

This was a unit I was pretty proud of since I helped source the inspiration and did a lot of the installing. The logs are possibly my favorite part (or maybe the old framed Sunset Magazine Build Your Own furniture Pages.)

This was the single we needed to make more spacious. It was the biggest challenge and Nadia really had to work it. But she had such an eye for finding the right balance of color and pattern that it ended up being a ot of people’s favorite unit:


FYI that’s a hand painted wall mural, not wallpaper. The very talented Jill Crawford did it for us. See her home over on design sponge.

6 Responses to “More Before and Afters”

  1. CitricSugar says:

    That mural is fantastic. I'd be crazy enough to try it since I have unkind feelings about wallpaper and yet appreciate a little visual impact.

  2. TamStyles says:

    nice..but the chairs are to short for that high table in my opinion. still looks great though.

  3. you are awesooooome! thanks, laure!

  4. Julia says:

    ooh. Your blog is lovely. I really like that hand painted mural as well. Beautiful. Can't wait to read more!

  5. Loved all of it…I really love that photograph in your header…it just says it all..

    more later,

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