I Heart Merchandising

Happy Friday Everyone! My week ended up being packed with a lot more than I thought it would be, including helping my friend merchandise her storefront. I only have this crappy iPhone picture but we had so much fun rearranging the space and I had forgotten how much I love physically putting rooms together (and not just photographing them). It was a nice change of pace (to not be glued to my chair in front of a computer and photoshopping all night long).

Next month there will be an official launch of the showroom so I’ll keep you posted so that you can go there, too.

I also nailed down plans to go to New York for the launch of Rue Magazine (did you see the latest sneak peek on coco and kelly?) and get some East Coast in me before the long hard California winter. Also, before I turn thirty one. Yes. Thirty. One. Sigh.

Also, have you guys seen what Morgan has been up to? Yes, she is finally officially offering design services. Hit her up, she will school you (in a nice way, I promise, she’s really very nice).

And for those of you obsessed with tomatoes (I mean, who isn’t?) check out Emma’s gorgeous post on the subject.

Happy Weekend Everyone, stay out of trouble!

5 Responses to “I Heart Merchandising”

  1. Thanks dude!

    I'm loving that store – the coffee table and pillows! hotness.

  2. Emma says:

    Wish I was going to NYC for the Rue Magazine launch – it looks awesome, as does Morgan's new venture. Her design drawings are great.

  3. steph says:

    aw, new york! that's cool. i know you'll have a blast!

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