lacma + eggleston

William Eggleston is one of my favorite photographers. His snap-shot-cultural-documentation-sometimes-sloppy-very-saturated prints have inspired me for a long time. The show at lacma was sort of underwhelming, but his books are a good source of inspiration.

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  1. dibble says:

    sorry to hear it was underwhelming. hes a fave of mine too. i cant believe ive not seen the show – though i did go to a signing of his at LACMA when the show opened, so that was nice.

  2. laure says:

    yeah, it was weird the way they decided to break up the work and then also, there wasn’t that much to see even though there were 6 rooms. I saw a better show in San Francisco maybe 10 years ago (omg I’m old). Still love him though.

  3. John Florance aka spinsLPs says:

    Saw the show twice. Made me want to shoot like Eggleston.

  4. McKenzie T. says:

    I saw this at the Whitney. It was just so great to see them in person. What app are you using for the Polaroid looking images? They are great!

  5. laure says:

    it’s the shake it app for the iphone. not shake it photo, just shake it!

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