enough already

A while back, I mentioned that I was hired as a set decorator for a tv show. Well my episodes have aired so I can share them. The show is enough already with peter walsh and it’s all about clearing clutter (one of my favorite things). They found people with serious issues around stuff (not as bad as hoarders, it wasn’t gross, it was just messy and full) and peter confronts them and helps them work through their issues as they purge their things.

While he’s doing that, I worked with the art director (Hi Mike!) to design the ‘after’ or ‘big reveal’ so we didn’t deal with sorting their things, just putting them back. We basically had 4 days to pull 2 rooms together. It was madness, I was exhausted, but loved it. I had great great help from Morgan and Heather and the whole swing team. A special shout out to Barry, Peter’s organizing right hand man who brought so much personality to the set it made it seem like I was less tired than I was.

Here’s the Glendale House (or the house where peter seriously met his match) before:

(the clock is above a fireplace that you can’t see)

Here is the after:



The house belongs to a couple in their mid 30′s with 2 young kids. It’s a great mid century house in the hills in glendale so that’s where we got a lot of inspiration. The husband is an architect and the wife works in PR so we wanted to give them a place where they could show off and entertain. We took it a little more design-y because we thought they’d get it (they did not). We reused a lot of their furniture–only the couch and coffee table are new. The coral chairs, credenza and dining set were all in there. We painted the fireplace, added dark blue grass cloth to the walls, hung new curtains and accessorized.

Here is their bedroom before:

I swear I’m not trying to make the befores look worse than they were. We were scouting at night and I only had my iPhone. Also, I always thought that TV crews must make these places look worse. You know, maybe by tipping over some boxes or something, but I can honestly say that this is exactly what the house looked like when we got there, and I went there twice.

And after:


The bedroom we wanted to make feel really relaxing, or the opposite of how the green walls, clutter and no curtains felt in the before. We had a hookup for grasscloth so we did a neutral one and then added in lots of white, pops of chartreuse and tempered it with grey. I think on camera it looked a little blah, but in person it felt so much better–open and spacious and light. We even snuck in a little comfy chair across from the tv for the kids to pile up on to watch morning cartoons.

This is me with peter on the last day of filming. The intense hours made the whole thing feel like summer camp and it was a little emotional to say goodbye to everyone.

The show is Enough Already on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Mondays at 8.

Update: check out Morgan’s Awesome Post where she went into a lot more detail about what we did (she is more patient than I am!). She also (rightly) gives herself props for her ability to style vignettes. Thank god she was there, I would have lost my mind.

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  1. Wow, those are some impressive transformations! Love the living room.
    Sad you missed the potluck on Saturday, but we’ll have to plan something soon!

  2. laure, it looks awesome!! ummmm, and I think it’s safe to say that those people were hoarders.

  3. laure says:

    dean–haha, I guess there wasn’t a gross factor, but yeah they had a lot of stuff. And this family more than any other really just didn’t get it. (Or I should say the wife didn’t get it). Like she really didn’t see what the problem was–her own mother submitted her for the show.

  4. laure says:

    Jessica–wanna get drinks or something soon?

  5. Leah says:

    Beautiful, Laure! (But they didn’t get it? Seriously? And the guy is an architect?)

  6. AmyC83 says:

    Beautiful! Amazing transformation.

    One thing bothered me though… you said, “We took it a little more design-y because we thought they’d get it (they did not).”

    The reason this bothers me, is that I (as you, Laure, know) was recently a home owner on one of these design shows (not the same show) and while I love what was done now, at the time of the on-camera reveal, I was so overwhelmed and shocked by all the changes that were made (and some that were not that we had expected to be made), that my reaction wasn’t all over the top I’m in love and this is the best thing ever. These people have lived like that for a while and to see your home look like a different place entirely is a bit unsettling – add in the cameras and the crew and it feels more like a set than a home.

    All I’m saying is that maybe the home owners “got it”, but were unable to appreciate it because they had so much going through their heads at the time. I think some people are better at taking it all in and adjusting (and some people are able to go in with zero expectations which was impossible for me) and some of us have a hard time dealing with the shock of it all and need time to acclimate. After the film crew was out of there, I loved the room more and more every minute I spent in it. Now it feels like home again.

    Sorry for going on and on…

  7. Angelina says:

    Really digging the colors and overall mood! I’m curious, do you know where the couch is from?

  8. laure says:

    Angela–the couch is from blueprint, it was a floor model!

  9. Leah says:

    OK, just watched the clip. Sorry, but that woman is absolutely a hoarder. She may not be a Level 5 hoarder (e.g., just throwing the trash and the floor and leaving it there to rot) quite yet, but she’s definitely headed in that direction. I shudder to think what your beautiful redesign is going to look like in a few months …

    P.S. Did you make an announcement about the show airing? Now I’m going to have to try to find this network and hope for repeats!;-)

  10. laure says:

    leah and amy–it just goes to show that when people are hanging on to that much stuff there are some major control issues going on. These people were really unhappy with their house when we were done. They kind of faked it for the reveal (not because anyone told them to, I think they just didn’t want to look ungrateful on tv) but we had to go back and undo a lot of what we did. For instance, they didn’t like the blue walls because they went to USC and blue is the UCLA color. So yeah. Issues.

  11. AmyC83 says:

    Hahaha, ok, nevermind. They have issues. I was wrong.

  12. laure says:

    oh Amy–there were other reveals where clearly the people were overwhelmed with the change and just trying to process it all, but these people, when we did the mini reveal midway through the week just hated it. They were angry we changed out their carpet for hardwood, they wanted us to take down the grasscloth in the bedroom and repaint it the same green it used to be etc. They just had a really hard time with it.
    Also, can’t wait to see your episode!

  13. Sarahrae says:

    The joys of living somewhere with a coast! How fun, the work that you guys put in is INSANE! I’m glad you survived!

  14. Olive says:

    Hi Laure,
    Amazing job! Can you tell me where the artwork on both sides of the bed are from?

  15. Sidney says:

    Laure, I love your site and your work!

    I found you from the credenza post on Apartment Therapy. Set your security alarm, because I plan on stealing you’re grandmother’s beautiful credenza. ;)

    Seriously, that’s a beautiful piece, and I look forward to regularly checking out your blog.

    Have a great week!

  16. laure says:

    Yes! My friend Emily made them! She’s the genius behind little oranges of california and she made them for another project and I borrowed them for this!

  17. laure says:

    uh oh, I’ll double check my locks at night ;)

  18. John says:

    “… they didn’t like the blue walls because they went to USC and blue is the UCLA color.”

    What a crock! If I was someone from USC, I would insist that these slobs paint their place the colors of UCLA.

  19. Steph says:

    Some people are so weird! You guys did an amazing job. It’s gorgeous!

  20. it looks great! very nice work!

  21. mosey says:

    I love these kinds of shows – they’re totally addictive too!
    I read somewhere once that people who have large amounts of clutter in their home, who continue to consume more, are almost always overweight too. I would love to see a TV show that addressed this theory and offered to help people with their general over consumption.

  22. Victoria says:

    So gorgeous I would take any of these rooms in a heartbeat!!! I’ve seen the show a few times and Peter is so darn likable! Great job all around :)

  23. Jennifer says:

    Figures a Trojan is a hoarder AND has no taste in awesome decorating ;) Go Bruins!!!! You did a mighty fine job there sister. Very well done. I hear you on the “wrap-day” sads. You really bond during productions and then it’s done! The good news is, you’ll most likely keep referring each other, hiring and working together over and over and over. That’s the beauty of the biz!

  24. dmh says:

    fantastic job with the “after”s! it’s hard to believe the husband is an architect living in that mess! I love the wall mounted drawers / nightstands you used in the master bedroom – where were those sourced? I’ve been looking for something like that for a long time!! Sad to think that after all your hard work, their place will be in shambles again in a few months.

  25. laure says:

    dmh–the nightstands are from cb2, I think they’re still available–I just loved them!

  26. Natalie says:

    So weird that they didn’t get it, especially as an architect. You guys did an amazing job and their new space looks gorgeous and high end. Too bad they didn’t appreciate it. I DO!!!

  27. simone says:

    How does one live like that??? (What was the rest of the house like btw?)
    I have a pretty mess in certain areas in my house but at least there is room for play and a sense of underlying order (I hope).
    Maybe these people have had a tape in their head telling them that they will never have a pretty and organised house ever again for as long as they live and this was too confrontational for them (and they were obviously very angry at themselves for that on the inside).

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  29. patty says:

    I am gobsmacked by that woman’s attitude. To each her own, but… wow, wow, wow.

    The spaces you designed are (were?!) gorgeous! I am new to your blog and now I know why I subscribed.

  30. Penny says:

    wow, absolutely gorgeous!

  31. Jo in NZ says:

    Is there any way to watch full episodes online? This is amazing!

  32. laure says:

    jo I don’t think OWN has episodes up but I bet you can torrent them?

  33. iola says:

    omg! this is amazing!!!!
    i am so jealous, i wish i had such a cool job! ;)

    the rooms look fabulous btw. cannot believe you guys did that in such a short amount of time!

    keep it up! (i am gonna check if i can watch the show online somewhere…)

  34. laure says:

    thanks emma and christian. you’re invited over any time to have a seat!

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