trails cafe

Rainy day weekend at my not so secret spot, trails cafe, in griffith park. They’re now serving stumptown coffee from portland. And don’t miss the lavender shortbread cookies or the gourmet snakedogs.

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  1. in the three years i lived on the east side, i never once went to trails. but it looks like a nice little slice of nature-y heaven! and lavender biscuits? yes, please.

  2. Ah, one of my favorites. Love walking there on the weekends and sitting on the benches. And now even more of a reason — Stumptown!

    Beautiful photos.

  3. These photos are phenomenal. Looks like such a quaint place.

  4. laure says:

    yeah the lavender shortbread is amazing–sprinkled with sea salt. drooool.

  5. laure says:

    awww thanks jessica!

  6. that is one of my favorite date spots. :) your photos ARE phenomenal. agreed.

  7. virginie B says:

    quelles belles photos !

  8. your posts always make me miss LA. I used to escape here for secret lunch dates w/a coworker…we’d bring little cans of Sophia and comment on how the sunlight was always perfectly dappled through the trees.

  9. i’ve never been here either! this is on my list for this summer/spring……

    fantastic posting……

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