brussels sprouts + bacon

I ate this 3 times this week. It’s too good and too easy. Chopped brussels sprouts, pre-cooked bacon from trader joes, a little olive oil, a little chopped garlic, pepper.

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  1. Jenny says:

    have you tried bacon with broad beans & parsley sauce, a staple for me growing up, it’s the best !

  2. YES. this has become the dish that my bf and I make for his fam’s Thanksgiving dinner, but here’s the twist that we stole from GQ: after you sauté all that goodness together, quickly squeeze some a lime over the whole thing and add a few squirts of Sriracha. still light and soooo goooooood.

  3. laure says:

    dean–I am totally going to try that, it sounds so delicious, plus I love spicy!

  4. laure says:

    jenny–what are broad beans? I think that’s a cultural difference and what goes into the parsley sauce? I’m intrigued and want to try this!

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  6. Jenny says:

    Hi, I just googled broad beans, maybe you know them as fava beans? the parsley sauce is just a white sauce with fresh parsley and some lemon juice. When you come to the UK again I’ll make it for you!!

  7. liz says:

    Oh yes, staple in my house too. I also add chopped figs and a splash of balsamic, or I serve it over pasta with parmesan and pine nuts… can’t go wrong.

  8. laure says:

    liz, what a great ideas, never would have thought of figs, but of course! a little bit of sweet. I’m going to try that, thanks for the tip!

  9. laure says:

    Jenny, I might have to make a special trip just for that, oh and to see your house, your husband and your kids! So much has changed, it would be so great to see each other again!

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