painting the bedroom

I may have mentioned when I moved into this place how much I couldn’t stand the color the bedroom was painted. A weird ochre color that made everything else in the room take on a brown drab tone (you can see it sort of here). Well I only finally got around to it 5 months later. I settled on a third color that isn’t pictured, but *surprise* it’s grey! I don’t think I’m capable of painting the walls an actual color.

Here’s the palette I’m considering: Love the blues and greens in this awesome paint by numbers kittens painting I thrifted recently and the Commune bag I picked up at westweek.

I’m also considering epic, giant plants, or perhaps a hanging fern per Morgan’s suggestion. Or some Macrame. I’ll reveal things once I get a little bit further!

5 Responses to “painting the bedroom”

  1. umithepumi says:

    love these pbn kitties!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Looking great! Love the paint-by-numbers kittin. Reminds me of my paint-by-number horse I have in my gray bedroom. I posted it this week – go lookee when you have a sec!

  3. i’ll take you fern shopping any day! however when it comes to macrame – i will fight you! i collect that stuff and i ain’t sharing :) (just kidding :) – i think we need to start making the stuff!)

  4. Oh I agree that yellow has to go. Why is it that everybody thinks this colour will work? When we moved into our house every room was painted this awful buttery-beige colour!

  5. angela says:

    I can’t wait to see the results.

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