neon tape

Got a chance to catch up with Jon and Tyke (god, I just love them) in their new home this morning. They aren’t finished with the new place so I backed off on shooting every nook and cranny but couldn’t pass up the great hits of neon pink they used to hang up artwork.

It’s japanese masking tape (you can find something similar here) and it’ perfectly haphazard, fun and design-y all at once. The flower photo is one that Tyke took and the elk is from Debbie Carlos.

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  1. umithepumi says:

    art and artful living are everywhere

  2. jon says:

    i heart neon …everything!! we’ve been using neon masking tape at the office a lot, but after seeing this, I think we might need to paint our walls grey now. hm…

  3. i love this. i can’t wait for you to see my home. i have been using metallic tape. :)

  4. Jennifer says:

    Wow. Can you say “serious house envy?” LOVE it! Topanga was always my favorite route to the beach. There used to be (maybe still is) this adorably sweet woman named Claudia who had a teeny-tiny boutique with the cutest dresses. I could never drive by without stopping in and buying something. I still have some of those dresses too. Ahhhhh… your posts always make me homesick :( But in a good way.

  5. laure says:

    Oh Jennifer, I’m glad it’s in a good way!

  6. laure says:

    omg I can’t wait, Bianca!

  7. laure says:

    Jonathan! I know, the grey kind of makes it perfect!

  8. Oh, I love it. I have a feeling it wounld’t work on textured walls though. I cannot get that washi tape to stick!

  9. lauren says:

    those photo / washi tape images set my pants on fire – my husband and i have been trying to figure out what to hang over the bed for two years now, and that’s exactly right. thanks ever so much for the inspiration!

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