box of memories

I keep this box just for storing old photos and postcards. I love old photographs and these are the ones I’ve never categorized. I was looking for something recently and ended up back in the box.

The postcard my french grandmother wrote to my american grandparents about me being born. The front and back of this postcard are kind of equally amazing.

One of my first big trips to the desert. And also one of my first 3rd degree sunburns.

One of my dad’s first places in Venice after he moved to the states and a shot of the two of us in Grenoble.

My mom in her wedding dress.

My parents at my grandparents’ house after the wedding (opening presents?). I grew up in that house and have that credenza (and the lamp and the love seat).

Oh nostalgia.

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  1. Trine Marie says:

    I love looking at pictures of my mom when she was young. she was stunning. Your mother’s hair on her wedding day is exactly how my mother had her hair! : ) Beautiful pictures and cards! Great inspiration! :)

  2. mosey says:

    lovely pics! thanks for sharing your memory lane with us.

  3. all of those photos are great. everyone looks so damn cool! love it. especially knowing that you still own some of the furniture – it lives on!

  4. Your photos and postcards are amazing. So special.

    I have a few postcards from my Oupa (grandfather) in South Africa, from when we first emigrated to the States. I keep them in a very special place.

  5. amy says:

    thanks for sharing such sweet, personal moments!

    random bit from my own nostalgia box- i still have a tiny eiffel tower that you brought back to me from paris when we were in 7th grade. :)

  6. steph says:

    i have warm fuzzies!

  7. TK says:


  8. Jenny says:

    you look so much like your Mum in that picture where they’re opening presents…

  9. umithepumi says:

    Awwww yes, I remember it well, and with love, Mommy

  10. Beck Monster says:

    Très émouvant ! I know how you feel, I’m pretty big on nostalgia too! Very nice post…

  11. natasha says:

    adorable mini-duna

  12. The colors from that post card are beautiful. I’m using that in some design, somewhere.

  13. umithepumi says:

    tagged: wedding photo left to right-Aunt Kitty, Bunny Pugh, me, Anne Marie, Wallis (foreground), Genevieve, Bernard, Bobbie, Bruce.

  14. [...] This was their house in the Dordogne. I have vague vague recollections of being there. But I recognize some of the furniture from their house now. And I kind of wish I had that table and those pendants…and that whole house. This clipping is totally going into the box of memories. [...]

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