the house

My dad has been talking about this ‘simple little house’ he’s been building in Mexico for a while. So when I went down I was pretty shocked to find such a grand house. Sure, it only has two bedrooms, but it’s huge in terms of its scale. Lots of indoor/outdoor space, high ceilings, screened in porches, lots of land (that he’s planting an orchard on), a donkey (that we named velasquez), chickens and puppies (pablo and picasso) and loads of promise. The house isn’t finished and there were things like no hot water that can be improved, and there is still furniture to buy, etc.. But I was impressed. Good work, dad and Hervé*.

*gross oversight on my part. I forgot to tell you that my dad worked with LA based architect (and fellow frenchman) Hervé Daridan!

The kitchen is indoor outdoor and part of the main space (it can be closed up now while there aren’t regular walls up for security, that will change). It’s where we spent most of our time.

The house is in a low lying ‘oasis’ area of todos santos so dad built the house higher up in case of a flood. Without any landscaping, it kind of looks like a boat which is perfect because my dad is a sailor.

The view from the front of the house. For now the neighbor (who is a farmer) will be planting a crop of corn. But in the future there will be olive trees and maybe even a pool.

The light in the kitchen was my favorite.

A picture my dad snapped of me at the end of the day.

I abstained from filling in loads of captions for the pictures, but if you have questions or want to know more about anything, just leave a comment and I’ll answer it all!.

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  3. Kerry says:

    Love the house and the photos! I would love to know what materials were used on the wall with louvered windows. They are so striking and a great way to filter the light!

    Thanks for sharing -

  4. laure says:

    kerry-it’s a local tree (?) and lots of people in the area have gates or fences made the same way (that’s where dad got the idea). I’ll see if I can find out what kind exactly it is!

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  7. Ca says:

    Wow! Amazing house and I like how its raised from the ground. My family is from Vietnam and I hear about floods ALL the time. That is a really unique idea your dad has there.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. alma says:

    Hi,, lovely post I am an architect & also live close from there in La Paz that is the capital from BCS,, its a beatiful home really,, you see the photos & you know what you want to put in there, & lying around. I see that your readers ask about the materials on the windows etc. its just sticks.. we call here vara travada & is used in a lot of things.. hope you can post more photos, & more people can come to visit us..

  9. Sarah says:

    Just discovered you Laure! Such lovely work. Can you tell me if your dad’s new kitchen sink is concrete? It’s lovely.

  10. laure says:

    sarah–welcome! the sink is poured concrete (if you do something similar, don’t make it so deep, it’s kind of back breaking ;) )

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  12. christy says:

    where are the rugs from? are they made locally??? i love the pop of color they add to the muted palette of the architecture!

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  15. Susan says:

    I remember this post when you first posted it – and have totally loved thinking/dreaming that one day I might own a house in similar style. Do you think you’ll have an update to further spur my dreaming?

  16. Mary-Anne says:

    This house is my idea of perfection. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Amazing!

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