the little town of todos santos

Before life takes over and I forget that I ever went to Mexico, I wanted to share more from the trip! In case you missed it, here’s the house I stayed in.

Todos Santos is basically a dusty little town right on the pacific in baja california. You can’t swim in the water in most places because the rip tide and current will take you right out to sea (though it’s got great surfing in hidden little spots).

Part of the town sits lower and has rich soil, little streams and tons of palm trees. The rest is very very dry.

Love the bougainvillea everywhere.

And the old walls.

There is a cluster of little stores, one of them sells this great geranium scented soap. It’s next to the english language book store where I got this little camel (made by women to help fund the zapatistas on the mainland).

The popsicles were so pretty.

A little ways up the road out of town is a nursery where they hand you scissors and you can cut your own bouquet of flowers.

The modern little hotelito stands in direct contrast to the old todos santos inn. A little away from town, up higher with a breeze, it’s a streamlined colorful spot with a great pool and really good food. That’s the owner Jenny coming through the the bougainvillea. She hosts themed evenings in the restaurant. We went for sushi night and it was honestly some of the best sushi I’ve ever had.

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  1. mlleparadis says:

    how nice! would so love to go to this place!

  2. Emily says:

    So quaint and refreshing….love the flowers and textures….beautiful!

  3. able mabel says:

    can you say paradise??

  4. The colour in this post is astoundingly beautiful!

  5. laure says:

    Thanks Jane, I was totally inspired!

  6. john says:

    That little hotel has a real Richard Legorreta feel to it. When ever I see/read about someone like the hotel owner, I wonder if I could ever do something like that? Maybe not run a hotel, but just call a foreign country my home. Seems too scary.

    And once again, stunning photos. You should submit that popsicle photo to Getty.

  7. Jen says:

    Muy bonita!! Gracias L :)

  8. Desi says:

    i love todos santos so much. your making me want to drive down right now. the hot dog vendors down there are some of my favorites in mexico;)

    once on a whim my husband, sister in law and i drove down from murphys, ca to todos santos in two days. what a great adventure that was.

  9. Desi says:

    p.s. i love that bookstore.

  10. laure says:

    John–I’ve had photos rejected by istock photo so I’m all sensitive about stock stuff. But yes I totally wonder the same thing. Could I pick up and live a simple, design-y life somewhere else?

  11. laure says:

    Desi–I’m dying to do the drive sometime and camp along the way. I bet it’s so so beautiful. I love that bookstore too ;)

  12. john says:

    Well poop on iStock then!

  13. laure says:

    I know, right?

  14. Ella says:

    Mexico looks gorgeous. It makes me wonder why anyone would ever want to leave it.
    I love the look of the ice cream; so many different flavours. And the sun and flowers everywhere, it must have been so nice to stay there.

  15. Your photos are really lovely! (the popsicle ones in particular, but that may be my tastebuds talking)

  16. Desi says:

    You should do the drive. It is so much fun. I’ve done it a few times since I’ve been in Southern California. It’s always great, even when it isn’t.

  17. laure says:

    haha popsicles seem to be a fan favorite! how can you resist those colors!

  18. Love the popsicle shot!

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  20. That’s my mom’s soap shop! I am going to forward this to her immediately!

  21. Hi Laure
    Just had this sent to me- your great photos make me homesick for Todos Santos!
    I am the owner of the soap shop that you featured and we have been driving from Winnipeg to T.S. for the past 13 winters- 8 days door to door. We especially love camping in the Baja desert- the aromas, the stars, the aloneness.
    Thanks for the comprehensive coverage of our little gem!

  22. laure says:

    Gwenn–so glad you found the post. I loved stumbling upon your little store. Hope to go back many times!

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  24. Denise says:


    Great post – we are in Todos Santos right now. Loving it (has been a day). Where did you find those Popsicles? We must have one or two. Thanks!

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