peonies make everything better

Celebratory peonies, fridge full of food, yoga, a walk, meals with friends, and a good helping of tying up lose ends. Hoping I’m ready for the week ahead!

8 Responses to “peonies make everything better”

  1. mlleparadis says:

    too true about the peonies.

    felicitations on the nytimes shoot and yr dad’s pics are gorgeous too. yup, jealous!

  2. flwjane says:

    Laundry? If you checked that off you are good to go.

    xo jane

  3. mosey says:

    sounds good and productive :) LOVE peonies!

  4. Katie*Belle says:

    That sounds like a perfect start to the week. I hope it’s a great one!

  5. laure says:

    I’ve been so busy that my mom came and did my laundry for me!

  6. laure says:

    thanks mlle!

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  8. Paige says:

    I totally agree about Peonies. I love these ones that I bought at our local farmer’s market:

    It makes me beyond happy to see bright peonies in a ball jar on my table at home!

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