Perhaps I’ve mentioned that I have a real soft spot for donuts?. Well, fonuts just opened at 3rd and crescent heights. They serve baked donuts that taste better than the real thing (and are healthier, I guess?). Try the gluten free chocolate hazelnut (you cannot tell it’s gluten free, it’s warm and moist and gooey and delicious) or the gluten free, vegan peach or just go for it with the chorizo cheddar. But get there earlier than later. They just opened and are popular.

4 Responses to “fonuts”

  1. Haydee says:

    Ha, I was just there on Sunday (posted about it too:) and I too had the chocolate hazelnut. So good, right?

  2. umithepumi says:

    Gluten free chocolate hazelnut??? I’m there.

  3. Desi says:

    that looks like some amazing health food;)

  4. Gigi says:

    Faux health food. Seriously, though, they don’t taste gluten-free (the ones that are). The chocolate hazelnut is amazing. Also love the chorizo cheddar & maple bacon. Strawberry is nice. Need to try more.

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