As I endlessly edit the photos from the trip I wanted to share some outtakes from a favorite ny times shoot. It’s always so interesting to see what the editors choose because once I upload my selects I don’t know what they like until it’s printed. This house was such a favorite of mine that I had lots of favorites that didn’t make it into the paper. The homeowner had so many amazing pieces and the house was impeccable. I’m also a sucker for modern decor in a rustic spanish apartment.

For this shoot I came with my 5D Mark II and 2 lenses: a 24-70 and an 18mm. I shot wides of the rooms, but loved the tighter vignettes the the 24-70 gave me with low f-stops. With so much light coming in the house from really only one source (windows on one side) I had to shoot into the light quite a bit. And since the house is on a hill facing south, much of the house was on the darker side. Rather than rely on strobes, I used long exposures and my trusty tripod to get a luminous effect.

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  1. umithepumi says:

    Wonderful ‘out takes’, gorgeous, inviting light throughout, and what an enviable collection of objects. Great work!!

  2. Andrea says:

    Beautiful!!! I love the feel of these spaces. Yum.

  3. Heather M says:

    Lovely, and I love hearing about the challenges of a shoot, and how you solved certain technical issues! Really great.

  4. tracy says:

    that is so nicely done…and great photos!

  5. john says:

    Thanks for the little behind the scenes as far as what equipment you use. Do you ever use strobes?

    And speaking of New York Times, have you seen the movie, Bill Cunningham New York?

  6. laure says:

    john–I STILL haven’t seen it, but I think you told me about it a while ago and it’s on my list and radar, etc. I try not to ever use strobes if I can help it, but I did on the first ny times shoot with the urban homesteaders. I had a way overqualified assistant who was AWESOME with lights so I don’t think you can even tell that I used any additional lighting.

  7. laure says:

    thanks Heather–I thought it might be nice to share more of that stuff!

  8. John says:

    Laure – If you have Netflix you can stream it.

    And I’ve NEVER noticed that you need any strobes. I think I’ve said it before, but you’re the master of light. Just like Thomas Kinkade!

    ;^ P

  9. jennifer says:

    these are incredibly beautiful. i’m so moved by the light, colors, softness and of course the beautiful spaces and pieces. thank you for sharing, laure!

  10. Chasity says:

    Gorgeous photos & home. Thanks much for sharing your equipment details, this is always of great interest to me as a photo student!

  11. laure says:

    bahahahahah! Oh John, you know how to talk to the ladies.

    The only time I’ve liked using lights was on that shoot with my overqualified assistant. He made it look good! (He works in the film industry so he’s used to lighting scenes and sets, so he was amazing).

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