new work: sunia homes

So excited to finally unveil images from a home I got to shoot at the end of last year for a new (and very exciting) company building modern, sustainable, affordable homes in California. Sunia Homes have built their first model home right here in Echo Park and I got to shoot the new space with my partner in crime, Morgan who manned styling the space with Ali’s help.

Besides all the sustainable elements and concepts behind how these homes are built, the actual finished space is beautiful and full of light and I loved shooting it. Jerome, the mastermind behind Sunia, is so passionate about the company that it’s totally infectious. I especially loved working with Jerome because he wanted to make sure that the interiors stayed more relaxed, more like how the space is really used. So our styling inspiration was all about keeping it simple and alive (an image from my portfolio was a good reference, can you guess which one?).

Here are some of my favorite images currently up on their site plus a couple of my favorite outtakes.

Check out the newly launched site for Sunia Homes.

12 Responses to “new work: sunia homes”

  1. jon says:

    wrap it up, i’ll take two in every color!

  2. laure says:

    haha, I know!

  3. steph says:

    love the home!

  4. umithepumi says:

    Beautiful photos, great styling, another successful shoot!!

  5. kurt says:

    great shots. i love the loft like quality that you captured in your photographs. i look forward to visiting it when i’m back in la. do you know if they’ll be out representin’ in palm springs for modernism this year?

  6. Brittany says:

    simple beauty. love the earthiness and the details.

  7. Emily says:

    Laure- if only someone I used to work with had liked “vintage” more, it may have turned out more more like this- lol! This is great and I love it! Well done!

  8. laure says:

    oh emily! you did such a great job on that home though :)

  9. beth says:

    i want one!!!

  10. franky says:

    Really love the staircase…a very different look which i love! Wondering what the wall design is…. could it be something done by myself?

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