I heart instagram

Those who spend any kind of time with me normally comment on how connected I am to my phone. It is a permanent part of my life. I am grateful for the technology and also curse it daily. I check email, texts, facebook, twitter and, most recently instagram. How it took me so long to jump on the instagram bandwagon, I will never know. I have 6,000 photos on my phone right now because I hate to take any photos off since I like to have visual aids when telling stories. And also I take a lot of photos.

Instagram let’s me follow other people’s visual journeys and also gives me a place to share the little moments I only seem to catch with my phone.

(The photos are of Handsome Coffee Roasters, Gjelina, an old copy of La Cuisiniere Provencale that I was cooking out of at my dad’s house, a ratatouille I made my dad, Cook Book, Axe and the incredible braids that @alisonbrislin puts in my hair when I ask her to.)

If you have an iPhone, you can follow me on instagram, my handle is @ljoliet.

11 Responses to “I heart instagram”

  1. Hogger & Co. says:

    I follow you on Instagram, then realized I’d never visited your site! So here I am, and I love what I see!

  2. Love the shot of the water and the menus!

  3. oh if i had instagram, you would be the first person I would follow! gorgeous photos…..

  4. Been enjoying your Instagram, I’m @fashionintel but will soon be changing my blog name & all the appropriate social media venues. Keep up the fun!

  5. beautiful images. i just started using instagram. do you find you use one filter more than any other? i’m still a little dazzled by all the choices everytime!

  6. umithepumi says:

    So glad you are obsessed with instagram, you lead a very photogenic life!!

  7. laure says:

    Just back from being in SF, thanks everyone for the comments. Nice to see you here Hogger :) and Will, it’s always nice to see your name pop up. Emma, I use Amaro, Valencia and Brannan the most! David John, you gotta get on instagram! And Natalie, can’t wait to see what you do!

  8. I love your photos! I recently jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, too. I live in Taipei, Taiwan and there is always something worth photographing on every street. I followed you :-)

  9. Jason Hudson says:

    Love your feed. xo.

  10. nicole says:

    i just started following you. i love your blog and all of your photos! i’m @la_loba

  11. [...] people I follow who take some beautiful images with Instagram – namely Pia Jane Bijkerk and Laure Joliet. Have you tried Instagram? What do you think? If you want to follow me you can do so [...]

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