design sponge: grace’s husky ranch

So excited to share images from a recent shoot for Design Sponge that went live today! Not only did I get help from Morgan on styling, but Abby came armed with props and Grace hosted the shoot with Nutella cupcakes and huskies. Grace’s house had really nice light and, of course, interesting spaces and getting to spend the day working with friends is always the best.

See the whole spread here on Design Sponge.

6 Responses to “design sponge: grace’s husky ranch”

  1. I love this home and the photos. Great job. Especially to get the dog laying with the list on him. So fun!

  2. wow, this photos are fabulous! the dining pic is spectacular. i wish i could get in to la for your photo boot camp, but alas, works is calling. but i shall slavishly follow all posts about it.

  3. umithepumi says:

    You’re the best at pet portraits!

  4. tinajo says:

    Gorgeous pics – and as a dog owner I’m always happy to see pics with dogs! :-)
    You have a great blog, I’ll have to hang around and see what you’ll be up to! :-)

  5. My prom dress comes in today<3 And I get to take a great nap, if i can get to sleep without hearing his voice.

  6. you all are serious kinds of amazing! i don’t even remember how i found your blog long ago but your work is so beautiful that i just had to post it on my blog:

    i’m pretty new to bloggin’ & not really sure of the proper etiquette but i wanted to let you know – i’m creepin on you. you know, in a good way. : )

    hope to one day cross paths (or hopefully i’ll have some time to make it to one of your rad photo camps)!

    - xo -

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