my kitchen

Took advantage of the rainy weather and spent a little bit of time nesting this weekend. I puttered around rearranging tiny moments in the kitchen and putting things away. I also hung my other favorite tw pottery and added a purple basil plant to it for springtime. I’ve lived here for a little over a year and feel like I’m only just embracing it as home. It’s exciting and also, in a weird way, a loss. It seems it takes a long time to let go.

(Have you seen Tracy’s house? (From TW Pottery))

11 Responses to “my kitchen”

  1. Jora says:

    really beautiful details :)

  2. I love nesting when it’s raining, makes home feel even cosier than usual!

  3. Chedva says:

    I love that leaf painting. I can relate to what you said. We moved to this apartment about a year ago and I’m just now starting to feel like it’s home.

  4. umithepumi says:

    three steps forward, two steps back……also beautiful lemons.

  5. feathering the nest is an under appreciated endeavour- rain or shine.

  6. tracy says:

    thanks for the shout out..I love how they look there too

  7. elsie says:

    i just noticed — i have the same bottle of hepps! so delicious.

  8. modernhaus says:

    Aww, I have such good memories of that painting ;)
    Whatever happened to Madam Wong? Must ask Morgan

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  10. lauren says:

    what is the name of the green plant? beautiful!

  11. laure says:

    It’s called a donkey tail!

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