photo camp +

Excited to reveal where Morgan and I will be holding our first ever PHOTO | CAMP this saturday–at the fancy (and shimmery) studio!

I went this morning to snap these shots of the studio and am so happy to have such a fun space to work in and can’t wait to share with you some other goodies from blurb books and At Your Leisure along with photo tips galore and step by step help for improving photos. We’ve already been receiving sample photos from our campers and can see it’s a talented bunch. Really excited to meet everyone and have a photo filled day!

If you haven’t already signed up we have a couple of slots left, details are here and registration is right here.

(And because we couldn’t bring hazel to the class (I know so many people are disappointed) we were happy to find that that panther will be overseeing the goings on. Rawr.)

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  1. Hey Laure,

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! That looks amazing and sounds like a really good time.


  2. Cal says:

    I just registered and I’m so excited!!

  3. john says:

    Yay! I’m gonna bring every camera I own! ;^ )

  4. Naomi says:


    I learned so much at camp yesterday – and now I am really psyched to make all my photos look pretty. Thanks for a wonderful experience: the campers were sweet and supportive, the food was delicious, the space was gorgeous, and the instructors were amazing. I am so much more confident with my camera and with photoshop. Let’s do it again…in the desert! xx, Naomi

  5. laure says:

    naomi–it was such a pleasure to meet you and so happy you got what you were looking for out of the class! We’re cooking up round 2 for sure (field trip!).

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