great friends + neighbors

Last week I shot a big project that took me all over town shooting as many locations as I could cover in 4 days. I relied on houses I already knew or homes and apartments of friends I had always wanted to see. It meant a week filled with shooting beautiful interiors, catching up with people in real life, realizing what a great circle of people I have in my world and meeting a lot of great dogs.

This is The Scout. She is a charmer.

Thanks to everyone who so graciously invited us into their homes. And to Heather and Morgan for making everything look so good for the camera.

3 Responses to “great friends + neighbors”

  1. You’re a great photographer I really enjoy your blog !

  2. Jen says:

    Adorable. You can never go wrong with cute puppies on fabulous bedspreads.

  3. umithepumi says:

    Laure’s gift: pet portraits.

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