summertime + diamond jubilee

Beautiful and fun start to summer at Tracy’s house this past weekend celebrating the diamond jubilee. I want to spend all of summer lounging on her patio, taking in the views and hanging out with simba. (Also, have you seen her pots and the pendants she started making?). Special awesome outfit appearance complete with neon nails from beautiful Alicia, see the closet visit shot by Jeana Sohn.

I’m heading to Chicago for the weekend for a quick and fun visit–never been before, excited to see what I come across.

5 Responses to “summertime + diamond jubilee”

  1. how2home says:

    The Diamond Jubliee party looked so fun! Did you/tracy do the flag garland as a DIY? If so, can you show us how to do it?

  2. Linsi says:

    Nice landscape from the patio !

  3. that strawberry number looks delish. happy summer!

  4. Becca says:

    What a fantastic blog you have! I’ve just come over from Kate Miss’s blog and am so happy to have found yours. I absolutely love your photographs. I’ll be following along…and looking forward to the next braid tutorial.

    Have a great day,


  5. Jo says:

    It’s my first time reading your blog (through ‘for me for you’) and I love it! I also love your Jubilee party – I’m kind of jealous though of the view and the weather you had for yours… mine, here in London, was a total WASHOUT with the rain!

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