Mae Mae Paperie

One of the highlights of working freelance is that every job I do is an adventure at a new location with, normally, people I don’t know. After I shot the cover for Rue of Woodson and Rummerfield they had a last minute shoot that I was able to jump on board for. And it was so worth it. I got to meet Megan at Mae Mae Paperie and Summer at Grey Likes Weddings and we spent the day styling the Mae Mae Studio, shooting the great line of stationery that you can get as a free download through Rue (on page 59), shooting Megan for the feature and eating really good pizza. (Look, this is us!).

Then, as though that wasn’t a nice enough experience, I got this impeccably wrapped little package in the mail from Megan filled with a thoughtful note and little presents from Mae Mae.

Thanks again, Megan!

And Happy Weekend Everyone.

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  1. Love this stationary & was so glad to learn of it on RUE. So glad to find your blog. Adding you to my blog roll. Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like an amazing time!

    Just came across your blog!

  3. MaeMae says:

    oh yaaaaayyyy!!! it was so fun to meet you. i hope we can colab again soon :) xx

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