lovely long weekend

Lovely long weekend of fireworks, bbq’s, picnics, painting the kitchen, thoughtful flowers, bougainvillea, polaroids (I’m playing around with this impossible project film and my sx-70), not making the bed, moving rugs around the house, watering the plants, watching the light move around, instagramming and falling more in love with echo park in the summertime.

6 Responses to “lovely long weekend”

  1. Becca says:

    What beautiful photos! Looks like a pretty perfect weekend.

  2. umithepumi says:

    What a peaceful, calm album…..very satisfying to see.

  3. Wow I’m loving that first picture! you’ve captured the color of the flowers so beautifully

  4. Wow, how you capture light is wonderful! I absolutely love the picture with the two glasses on the green cloth. Stunning!

    Greetings from Berlin!

  5. laure says:

    thanks lpc! Berlin is one of my favorite places on earth! got to spend a day there last year:

  6. Kole McRae says:

    The dried out flowers… I just might have to steal that idea.

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