weekend instagram

In an effort keep this blog more up to date I’m planning on sharing my instagrams more often, especially for those of you who aren’t on instagram (I’m @ljoliet if you want to follow me). Spent the weekend with new friends in Santa Barbara and brought lots of photo gear with me to document everything but ended up being pretty lazy. We made crepes in honor of bastille day, hung out at the beach, got margaritas and relaxed. We took the long way home and then I went for a long walk in elysian park. Oh glorious California.

5 Responses to “weekend instagram”

  1. Igor says:

    Your weekend is a collection of stunning shots, Laure!! I enjoy your visual storytelling so much!

  2. laure says:

    igor that’s so kind!

  3. umithepumi says:

    looks like fun.

  4. john says:

    I just want to cuddle that doggie!

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