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Brought my sx-70 polaroid land camera with me to santa barabara last weekend (I brought a lot of gear) and started playing around with impossible project’s new px-70 color shade film. Thought it would be perfect for capturing some of the sun drenched california landscape. The film is admittedly tempermental and even with the exposure setting turned to dark the images came out pretty washed out (even though I shaded them immediately) and some didn’t actually turn out.

I still love the aesthetic, just wish it was a bit more consistent (I remember the days of real polaroid film — one of my first photo school projects was done entirely with sx-70 film and though it wasn’t entirely predictable it wasn’t a complete surprise, either). Excited to keep playing with it on my next trip — shooting my first wedding, in colorado.

Have you tried impossible project film? Any tips?

Also, because I’m in love with california and road tripping now more than ever, I really appreciate these shots by brian ferry.

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  1. jamie says:

    i know. so finicky. but so good when it gives you lovin.

    when and where is your wedding in colorado? so excited to see what you do! we have one in telluride in september! yes!

  2. laure says:

    jamie, it’s in crested butte in 10 days. outdoor wedding, should be beautiful. bringing so much fun gear to play with!

  3. Jon Leaver says:

    Laure, this series is really gorgeous – the combination of the Polaroids and the props is stunning. It’s like a whole aesthetic world on a table-top.

  4. laure says:

    Thanks Jon, that’s so nice to hear!

  5. umithepumi says:


  6. Sarah says:

    Ditto on the California/roadtrip thing. And doesn’t the old polaroid film seem made for exactly such an adventure? All sun-bleached and sandy.

  7. Joann says:

    Your shots that came out look superb! I’ve always had better luck with my SX-70 in shade or on cloudy days than in full sun. I’m surprised to see that bright beach shot look so good. I’ll have to try shooting more in bright light. The Impossible Project films are definitely still experimental, which is the great and not so great part about the TIP films. But they’re making progress all the time.

    Have a great time in CO!

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  9. Julie says:

    I have an SX-70 from my father in law sitting on our mantle. I have no idea if it works or not, but you just inspired me to order some film and give it a shot! (no pun intended)

  10. Camilla says:

    Living in a very hot climate (Queensland, Australia) and haven’t really been able to get ANY usable photos of my Impossible film :-/ I am from Copenhagen, Denmark and it worked way better back there in the colder climate. Having said that, all the polaroids that did turn out only lasted me a few months before the picture disappeared. Humidity? Light? I’m not sure.

    Please post again if you come up with some good tips:)

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