Getting ready to go away this weekend I started feeling like it is really really summer time. I took these photos last year when I visited my dad in Baja and we drove to La Paz and he showed me this secret beach. It was paradise. It was summer.

And here are some songs that have been on repeat over here:
The Union Line
The Deadly Syndrome
First Aid Kit
Francois Virot

Happy summer days.

8 Responses to “summertime”

  1. mlleparadis says:

    oh this looks fabulous! packing my bags ……

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  3. umithepumi says:

    I love me a secret beach!

  4. Pati Mo says:

    Wow these photos are stunning. The water in the second photo looks so inviting!

  5. Greg says:

    I need to be T H E R E.

  6. tracy says:

    I want to go

    this…and a donkey! it’s too much


  7. jamie says:

    why do you hate me.

  8. laure says:

    Bahahahah Jamie, let’s all go to MEXICO!

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