oh california + vsco film

Going through photos from the middle of summer from a quick trip near santa barbara. It was overcast and moody and a bittersweet trip, I won’t go into details but, yeah. On our last morning we drove around so that I could find some bougainvillea to photograph. We found that first house and I fell in love. We also ran across some suburban gardens and moments that seemed so very southern california. So very perfect for applying VSCO Film to.

Visual Supply Company was nice enough to send me a copy of VSCO Film (in may I think, oops!) to play around with. It’s a plug in for light room (and aperture) that has presets that emulate different kinds of film. Once installed you just scroll through and can apply different treatments to your photos and then adjust using the same tools you normally use in light room for all kinds of film looks. I especially liked using the presets on some of the darker photographs to add more depth and emotion. Reminded me of my film roots *though I do not miss printing in the darkroom. Excited to get more practice, especially with black and white (they have t-Max 3200! as a preset!). They also have an iphone app called VSCo cam that I use sometimes on my instagrams (instead of an instagram filter).

These images also reminded me of this video posted on Curbed of, basically, a french existential look at 1960′s los angeles (like this). It has everything that this video has only it is 100% sincere. And it’s why I love the french. And los angeles.

7 Responses to “oh california + vsco film”

  1. kate says:

    I like how the changes aren’t super intense and fake film-y looking. It just makes them look…better! I used to have this other plug-in I’d use for Photoshop and I’d always have to reduce it by 50% because it was so ridiculous looking.

    Ah, I love moody photos. I want a rainy, moody day here, please. Let’s collectively wish for that, ok?

  2. laure says:

    Kate, I love that I know you in real life now. You are the best. And yes, FOGGY DAYS!!!

  3. Brodie says:

    agreed, i love that they aren’t WHOAFAUXFILM. Must look into getting this plug in! i am really in love with that first photo, beautiful.

  4. laure says:

    brodie–yes, I haven’t even begun to delve into it really, but the worst is when it’s so obvious. I just like that little extra layer of texture!

  5. Natasha says:

    Beautiful – I love you Dune.

  6. laure says:

    Love you too Toosh!

  7. Heather says:

    Just discovering you. LOVE your work.

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