One of those weeks

Somehow last week’s hectic-ness is spilling over into this week. This is lunch at my desk while blogging and doing my homework assignment on color. (My lunch is a giant hunk of smoked salmon and meyer lemon from my tree! A lazy person’s lunch…)

4 Responses to “One of those weeks”

  1. kay* says:

    you have a lemon tree??? i’m seriously envious.

  2. laure says:

    kay–yes you can grow a meyer lemon tree in a pot and it will produce lemons even when it’s only a foot and a half tall!

  3. Rowena says:

    I’ve been trying to grow a dwarf Meyer lemon for about 2 years now and while I have not killed it yet, it is slow going. I think I either overwater and the buds fall off or I don’t water enough and they fall off. Right now, it’s got 2 little lemons that have stayed that size for over 6 months. They turned yellow over winter but I’m convinced it’s not because they are ripe…

  4. kay* says:

    really! oh my gosh i had no clue! i’m totally buying one.

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