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Those of you who follow me on instagram might be familiar with all the awesome braids I wear. They’re all thanks to my friend Ali who is a braid genius. (She and Kate and I did a whole series of braid tutorials). And Ali needs all of our help. After a routine check up, it was discovered that she had a huge tumor in her ovary that needed to be taken care of immediately. She had been having symptoms but was misdiagnosed months earlier when she had insurance. So that meant she had to go ahead with an emergency surgery sans insurance. You can read her story here for more details.

The bottom line is that Ali has a ridiculous amount of medical debt and we all want to help her out. So Kate put this amazing design together and Whitney from Myrtle generously agreed to host a braid bar fundraiser on Saturday (Oct 20) with 10% of sales going to the fund. Ali will be offering 4 styles of braids for a suggested donation all afternoon to help you primp for your evening. And if you’re anything like me, the braids will last for days. PLus there will be ribbons and flowers and other fun things to add and play with.

Also I will be there documenting all the braiding action. It’s sure to be a good time and for a good cause.

Find all the info here. Walk ins are welcome and you can also email Ali to guarantee a slot, all the info is on the site. And if you aren’t in LA but want to participate you can donate here.

Hope to see you all there.

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    I was going to email this to you (saw it on cup of jo) when i saw your picture on the site and the “laure special.” much luck for the event and to your friend.

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