cortez + edible selby

Cortez is finally open and it feels like it’s been here forever. Marta and Robert of Cookbook have been working on the restaurant for a while now promising a neighborhood spot for simple delicious food and a menu that changes daily based on what’s at the market. And that’s already what it feels like: a great local spot to drop by and run into friends, have a bite, have a drink. Eventually they’ll be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner but for now they’re open for dinner every day. I stopped by earlier in the week and had a tasty selection of small plates and the highlight: Basque Cake. A custardy vanilla cake that is moist and simple and amazing.

Stopped by again for the Edible Selby event on sunday night (and ran into two of my favorite people). Was happy to see Todd representing in true cat lady style. It was an evening of small plates, grenache, casual vibes and good company. So looking forward to making cortez a weekly hang out. Like maybe it’s my new baco mercat.

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  1. umithepumi says:

    Did you meet The Selby? If so, I am green with envy.

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