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I’m compiling a list of as many great Los Angeles interior/design/home blogs as I can (that are maintained by one or 2 people not whole brands). So if you have one or love one leave it in the comments. I’d love to have a greater sense of the community we have here. A couple of my favorites, in no particular order are:

Coco + Kelley
No Accounting for Taste
My Little Apartment
Happy Mundane

All you LA-ers have a new place in LA pride here in the right hand collumn. I’ll keep adding names as you keep telling me!

Let’s see how many of us there are!

12 Responses to “LA Design Blogs”

  1. /// says:

    OOOOH, add me! I”m an LA-er! :)

  2. laure says:

    DFM! Yay, you’re added!

  3. Genevieve says:

    Pick me! Pick me! My site,, is all about living well in Los Angeles on a budget. I post lots of great home and garden resources. And it is just little old me working on it.

  4. laure says:

    Thanks Genevieve! I remember you blogged about the plant pot place that I had bought all my mod pots at! Keep up the good work!

  5. i’d love to be added too!

    i’ll list you as well.

  6. laure says:

    bb8–it’s funny, I had a post lined up for this morning about your inspiration board that I found on flickr! Small world and thanks for chiming in!

  7. i was lurk, lurk, lurking late night, and stumbled upon your blog! it’s such a great idea to get the l.a. design bloggers on a list. i’m curious about who else is here! then we need to have a blog summit. or cocktails or whatever.

  8. Genevieve says:

    Thanks Laure. You rock.

  9. Zinzi says:

    Oh my god I loovvee this idea! I write a blog with my two friends Naomi and Robin, Paper Airplane. I like where Ms. Beach Bungalow is going with cocktails, etc…

  10. laure says:

    Paper Airplane will be added! Thanks zinzi. And if you guys know of others that I’ve missed let me know!

  11. so funny… i was just thinking about doing this the other day – but you are on top of it girl! this will be a great resource. thanks for having me on your list!


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