animal print shop american buffalo print

Have you seen the new grown up print from Sharon Montrose and the Animal Print Shop?

When I was shooting the nurseries, we also all jumped over to Morgan’s and used her amazing house as a set for this GIANT and amazing buffalo print.

Great example of how Sharon’s prints aren’t just for nurseries. I have the baby camel in my bedroom and also love the cougar close up and the vulture. If you’re not ready to go big, you can buy all the prints, including the american bufallo in a smaller version.

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  1. Jason Hudson says:

    Love this shot.
    Love that print.
    Love Morgan.
    Love you.

  2. tracy says:

    same as above

  3. umithepumi says:


  4. I love Sharon’s work. We actually purchased the porcupine for my sister-in-law this holiday.
    They are so simple and really can be used in a nursery or as a modern photo in any room.
    Great post, thanks!

  5. Found you via Desire to Inspire, we were both on their reading Christmas list! Lots of beautiful pics here to be pinned. Now you’re on my bloglovin’ list as well! :-)

  6. Ok now… forget it, just fixed it and pinned already!

  7. naomi says:

    Love this picture – but I cant articulate why – also love the pic inside the pic!

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