getting cozy

Lots of shooting, little messes piling up, falling behind and looking forward to a bunch of projects and news I’ve got cooking. Also going through the archives to update this place. And I really just want to hang out drinking egg nog with my friends and soak up the end of what has been, really, an excellent year. Excited to set my intentions for the next.

This is a little behind the scenes shot from a recent shoot at Cortez that you’ll see more of soon.

Some links for fun because I don’t normally:
Miss Moss looked at my blog.
The flashdance seriously knows how to rock a party and has mixes you can listen to online.
Please tell me that you’re watching Nashville. If only so we can sing along to this song together.
The most popular picture I’ve ever posted to instagram is obviously of hazel.
The obscure geometry of a flower
Sharon Montrose and Clare Vivier are speaking at creative mornings at Poketo on Friday!
Tracy’s House captured beautifully by Brian Ferry
Jessica is the only person I follow on spotify
I switched to this blush and instantly got compliments.
I want these wooden sunglasses made in san francisco.
The Echo Park Craft Fair is this weekend, but it’s downtown, across from Poketo. Can’t wait.
A story that weaves together the immortal jellyfish and karaoke in the new york times.

happy 12/12/12

4 Responses to “getting cozy”

  1. kate o. says:

    Which color of blush do you use? I have similar coloring to you, but I’m at a loss when it comes to makeup. Hope to see you back here soon. Thanks!

  2. Joanna says:

    Quite an amazing effect here.

  3. charity says:

    you take the most amazing photos :)

  4. Jamie Salcedo says:

    I love the fur/brick/flower combo! I wish I saw more of this interior design NJ fans’ homes. Great post.

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