new work: braid lookbook

As I hinted a couple weeks ago, I recently collaborated with my friend, and braid maven, Alison Brislin on a braid lookbook! We got to work with the beautiful and enigmatic Cheryl Nichols (look at this beauty) as our braid model for the day in an awesome location in Mt Washington. It was refreshing to step outside of what I usually shoot, take the camera off the tripod and have some fun. Special thanks to my favorite Kate Miss for designing the lookbook and generally being awesome.

Ali is available for private braid bookings (weddings, bat mitzvahs, sleepovers, braid bars, etc). You can learn more and book her here (here are some beautiful tutorials!). You can also follow her instagram here. Here are some other braids that have happened.

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5 Responses to “new work: braid lookbook”

  1. J. says:

    incredible. really love this, laure!

  2. umithepumi says:

    Lovely images… wonderful calm, quiet ambience, beautiful colors. A smashing success!

  3. [...] gorgeous lookbook for Alison Brislin’s braid styling, photographed by Laure Joliet: [...]

  4. EMMADIME says:

    [...] images from Ali Brislin’s new braid look-book. She teamed up with the talented photographer, Laure Joilet and model, Cheryl Nichols to create a whimsy, femme, and delicate vibe. I am so proud of my [...]

  5. [...] lookbook for Alison Brislin’s braid styling, photographed by Laure Joliet [...]

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