april in los angeles + playlist

It’s April in Los Angeles. Life is pretty good, if a little busy. These two shots are from one of the homes I shot last week for Barbara Bestor (dreams are happening). All the houses were on the east side, this one on a hill in Silver Lake with citrus trees going crazy. And the other picture? Well that’s Michelle Pullman, my assistant, my friend, a great photographer, the strongest person I know. I wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff I do without her. So that’s her, about 8 feet behind me minding my tether. Thanks Michelle!

I’m heading up to San Francisco for the next week for a handful of shoots. Follow me on instagram for updates on the road.

And for fun, I’ve started making playlists of what I listen to the most in a month. It’s partly to help differentiate the months from one another and it also forces me to listen to new things. This is the music that got me through March.

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  1. Joy says:

    really enjoying your playlists, laure. listening to them now at work. i recently had the pleasure of driving the coast listening to lord huron, so i especially loved seeing that one in your march mix. just wanted to say hey and i’ve become quite a fan of yours. i find myself particularly inspired by your work on a regular basis, so thank you so much :)

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