new work: monroe workshop

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Matt Monroe and his lovely wife, Jen. We shot Matt’s entire line of handcrafted furniture in their amazing Atwater workshop. He takes so much pride in his work that it more than borders on perfectionism, in the best possible way. His work is impeccable, grand and beautiful. Plus everything is made in LA. My favorites are the Seawall coffee table, the Independence Desk and the Haverhill Rocker. A special thanks to the talented Sarah Rainwater, who did all of their graphic design, for introducing us!

See all the photos and the whole line of furniture on the Monroe Workshop site. And follow them on instagram.

7 Responses to “new work: monroe workshop”

  1. emily says:

    gorgeous pieces! all of them! i love that you can really see the grain of the wood in every piece.

  2. Jen says:

    Wow- Awesome tables and that dog is too fricken’ adorable!!

  3. Ali says:

    Stunning. Seriously impressive and cool furniture, thanks for sharing.

  4. Brenda says:

    I have two of Matt’s designs. People stop when they walk in to comment how unique and beautiful
    my entry and dining tables are. I enjoy them every day.

  5. umithepumi says:

    Laure always gets the best pet portraits, and the furniture looks good, too.

  6. Gorgeous work, I absolutely love the rocker.
    The instagram link above doesn’t work, does anyone know what it is?

  7. laure says:

    Beth, I fixed the link!

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