tw workshop: new tees (and dresses) lookbook

I recently got to shoot a second lookbook for the brilliantly talented Tracy Wilkinson (see the first one here). She expanded her empire with a bunch of new tees in different cuts and colors and also the easiest breeziest dresses that I can’t wait to live in all summer.

We had such a fun time walking around the neighborhood and shooting. Our model, the beautiful Laura Taylor is also a super talented photographer and was a total dream to shoot.

You can find Tracy this weekend at Shopclass, she’s the guest artist for May.

You can also buy tees + dresses + pots online!

4 Responses to “tw workshop: new tees (and dresses) lookbook”

  1. tracy says:

    You are awesome…did I ever tell you that?
    Plus..loving the one of me attempting to wrangle Simba

  2. Rebecca_Bee says:

    Tracy is such a talent/inspiration and her house is made for shooting in. amaze.

  3. Danette says:

    Love the photos-love the model-love the teeeeeeees!

  4. umithepumi says:

    Love the tone of this shoot….all calm, and self contained, and easy on the eye!!

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