wonderful simple things

Hi. I’m spending less time around here since I started working on an updated portfolio and launched my posters (I love seeing them in other people’s spaces, like Lisa’s and Erin’s!). I’m also trying, with varying degrees of success, to disconnect from the computer and the internet every once in a while. For some perspective. For some quiet. For some rest.

I’m filling the well in other ways. Like reading. I’m reading Swimming Studies and loving it. I just finished A Hologram for the King” and wasn’t disappointed. I’m a dave eggers fan, though, so there’s that. In the queue are The Pale King by David Foster Wallace and Just Kids, Patti Smith’s Memoir. Reading is fun.

I’m walking more. Attempting to sleep more. And thinking about what things might be ahead. What other things I might want to do, creative and otherwise. Lots of questions and the space around them to wait for an answer.

I’m thinking about simple ways I can be nice to myself. Simple things that make me feel full. I’m not much of a shopper but I got myself new jeans. They are part of my shooting uniform, along with the only shoes I wear and simple tees. Having a functional uniform for shoot days is something that gives me enormous peace of mind. It’s the little things.

I have also been loving lily stockman’s thoughtful blog.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Less time on the computer has been on my list for so long, I hope I’ll be better at it in 2014…
    Loving this pictures and inspiring words!

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