the year in bensimons

A little nod to my favorite shoe and big part of my shoot uniform, the slip on bensimon. I’ve worn them since I was a little girl and recently they’ve taken me all over the place. Some of the spots we’ve gone together (all from my instagram): San Francisco, Mexico, Hawaii, Boston, New York, the desert, Vegas, Portland, Paris, Provence, on my daily walks and all over LA. (Follow me on instagram!) Here’s to more travel for everyone in 2014.

And for good measure, a couple of candids of yours truly thanks to Michelle Pullman.

p.s. Me on the left with my cousins climbing the gate of a medieval castle in france, bensimons in place.

If you’re in paris, buy bensimons at Autour du Monde, otherwise in LA you can find them at Poketo and Individual Medley and online at Madewell. Also, totally wasn’t paid for this.

4 Responses to “the year in bensimons”

  1. Marion says:

    Ah this is so great !
    i used to wear Bensimon as a kid too !
    and now sometimes.
    i need to grab the new collection that i saw in a shop this weekend in paris – i’ve wanted to post a link here but i can’t find it on internet.

  2. Cilou says:

    Hello Laure !
    I discovered your blog today on the Bensimon website. I also love Bensimon shoes !
    Are you a Bensimon addict ? I love especially the elastic style, like you…
    How many pairs do you have ?
    Kiss from France,

  3. tracy says:

    WELCOME BACK! So good to see you again.

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