Great Minimal Decor: Axe in Venice

Axe in venice is one of my favorite lunch spots. Now that I don’t live in venice it’s a great excuse to meet my dad there for a rice bowl with chicken. The food is delicious–a fusion of asian and fresh farmers market ingredients. Get there early and beat the lunch rush.

I really appreciate how minimal they’ve kept the space. The wood ceiling with the simple light track, concrete floor and boxy furniture is soothing (although noisy once everyone is talking). They have a nice outdoor patio in the back too (but I didn’t get a picture).

Also, great coffee.

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  1. Liquid Roof says:

    Some time we love those places where we feel cool and calm, the same happens to me. I love some places, Where I feel cool and calm.

  2. what a great space. Love those lights. This is my kind of restaurant, and we don't have any out here :(

    So, jealous.

  3. wow wow wow. everything perfect. especially that cappuccino…

  4. Des says:

    Whoa, what a cool place to eat.

  5. my all time favorite restaurant! so glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves;)

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