la is the best place

February 4th, 2013

After a lot of traveling and the flu, I arrive back at the same resting place; los angeles is the best place.

Outtakes from a recent NY Times shoot are up top–a mid century gem in encino, a couple photos from a party this past weekend at my favorite house (I even got dressed up for it), and a couple things I picked up at this weekend’s LA Art Book Fair which was enormously overwhelming and inspiring since I’m thinking about printing things that you can hold in your hand and put on your wall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ye Rink Mok and thought the Book Stand booth was really stellar.

It’s Monday and I am editing 4 shoots that happened last week (they all pushed me into new territory and I’m really excited about them) and listening to this song on repeat and these half hour music podcasts.

I instagrammed some pretty sweet views from last week’s shoots since I can’t share those images yet.

Happy February.

2012 + magical greenhouses

January 23rd, 2013

One of my favorite moments of 2012 was a rainy day at the Huntington when my mom and I sought refuge in the magical greenhouse. It forced me to focus and really look. I love (am obsessed with?) greenhouses and plants and I’ve made a career (at least partially) of taking soft, quiet images and still I had to flex something in me to settle in and not just quickly want to move on to the next thing. I was reminded how fleeting all this is. All these minutes that can so easily blur into the next. And so I looked.

I don’t have it in me to write a 2012 recap other than to say that it was a lot. Incredible new friendships, good times, heartbreak, risk taking, seeing my work show up in lots of new places, not having much time to rest, beautiful spaces, karaoke, so many road trips, insomnia, inspiring clients, being in front of the camera and always, instagram. There are so many adventures I went on that I haven’t had a chance to share (a couple that I did). But that’s what 2012 was about. Being out there and not so much on here.

I’m planning a bit more downtime for 2013, making each project count in new ways, expanding and updating my portfolio, offering limited edition prints, taking on new and challenging projects, collaborating and above all looking and noticing what is quiet and important.

You can always follow my adventures on twitter and instagram.

getting cozy

December 13th, 2012

Lots of shooting, little messes piling up, falling behind and looking forward to a bunch of projects and news I’ve got cooking. Also going through the archives to update this place. And I really just want to hang out drinking egg nog with my friends and soak up the end of what has been, really, an excellent year. Excited to set my intentions for the next.

This is a little behind the scenes shot from a recent shoot at Cortez that you’ll see more of soon.

Some links for fun because I don’t normally:
Miss Moss looked at my blog.
The flashdance seriously knows how to rock a party and has mixes you can listen to online.
Please tell me that you’re watching Nashville. If only so we can sing along to this song together.
The most popular picture I’ve ever posted to instagram is obviously of hazel.
The obscure geometry of a flower
Sharon Montrose and Clare Vivier are speaking at creative mornings at Poketo on Friday!
Tracy’s House captured beautifully by Brian Ferry
Jessica is the only person I follow on spotify
I switched to this blush and instantly got compliments.
I want these wooden sunglasses made in san francisco.
The Echo Park Craft Fair is this weekend, but it’s downtown, across from Poketo. Can’t wait.
A story that weaves together the immortal jellyfish and karaoke in the new york times.

happy 12/12/12

animal print shop american buffalo print

December 6th, 2012

Have you seen the new grown up print from Sharon Montrose and the Animal Print Shop?

When I was shooting the nurseries, we also all jumped over to Morgan’s and used her amazing house as a set for this GIANT and amazing buffalo print.

Great example of how Sharon’s prints aren’t just for nurseries. I have the baby camel in my bedroom and also love the cougar close up and the vulture. If you’re not ready to go big, you can buy all the prints, including the american bufallo in a smaller version.

tw tee shirts + store.LA

November 27th, 2012

Recently had the pleasure of shooting with Tracy Wilkinson in my favorite house that has ever existed. Tracy just launched a new online shop with Simon Story where they sell the things they make (Simon’s speakers are getting a lot of traction).

The new shop sells Tracy’s great hanging and regular pots and also her newly launched line of tee shirts (long sleeve coming soon). I shot the lovely Nathalie in the white short sleeve and muscle tee versions. It was a hot day. We ate cupcakes and had fun. Love these images.

Find all of Tracy’s stuff right here.

p.s. I’m wearing a long sleeve one right now and never want to take it off.

my favorite things + gift guide

November 24th, 2012

I recently started compiling some of my favorite things on a new social media site called Luvocracy. Lots of people have been asking about my gear so there’s a whole gallery of basically all the equipment that I use and where to buy it. I also went ahead and started a board of gift ideas from my favorite local and/or small businesses that I’ll be adding to over the next couple of weeks (mostly under $50). I’m not a big shopper but it’s helping me organize my wants and I’ve been finding great recommendations from other bloggers like Jessica and Jonathan.

See my recommendations for stuff to make you pretty, stuff to make you cozy and stuff to wear.

Also, my favorite art and photo books.

You can join Luvocracy and share your finds too.

rainy day at the huntington

November 19th, 2012

This weekend was heaven. Rainy days in Los Angeles are my favorite.

Went to the Huntington with family on saturday and and basked in the misty day and the even light.

robert greene for the ny times

November 13th, 2012

Recently shot the Los Feliz home of author Robert Greene for the New York Times. Really loved getting to spend the day with Robert and Anna and Brutus. So much California. I had to share outtakes.

Highlights: pottery made by Robert’s sister Leslie Greene, Brutus, handmade guacamole by Anna, introducing them to Henri, Robert’s note filing system. The light, everywhere.

Here’s the whole article: “Renovate Like a Master”.

And here are some other spreads I’ve shot for the New York Times: in Berlin, in Los Feliz, in Fallbrook, in Hollywood and in Silver Lake.

laurel hardware

November 6th, 2012

Stopped by the sort-of new restaurant Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood recently. Built inside the old laurel hardware store near Laurel Canyon, it was designed by Sam Marshall who also had a hand in the look of Gjelina and also this house I shot for the new york times. Lots of different materials were used and I love how the bright white front area contrasts with the moody bar in back. Also, outdoor seating! As soon as it isn’t packed all the time, I’ll have an actual meal there. Have you guys tried it yet?

walking in san francisco

November 2nd, 2012

About to head up to san francisco for some shoots and wanted to share these photos from my last trip. They’re from the foggy walk I took on my last day in the city after helping Yellow Owl Workshop make a book (here’s a candid) along with Miranda Jones. I slipped away trying to take in as much of the cold weather as I possible could. 100 degree temps were waiting for me in LA, but on this walk, I had my puffy jacket on and my hair blowing around my face. And it was glorious.

I instagrammed a lot of that trip, you can follow me on instagram here or just look me up, @ljoliet.