Friday, February 3rd, 2012

One of the highlights of alt happened when we all finally left the hotel and did some thrifting and sight seeing in salt lake. In the midst of our adventures, the weather started to change from dark and wet and stormy to freezing and snowing and white. I’ve never seen a city go from zero to snow before. It was magical. I took a lot of photos. And I also forgot my jacket at the hotel.

alt summit 2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012

There’s so much to say about Alt that I don’t even want to try. I’ll just say it’s a bunch of like-minded people all staying in the same hotel in Salt Lake City talking about design and social media and blogging. It’s inspiring, it’s fun and you leave with new friends and stronger ties to old ones.

Emily Henderson, Jenny Komenda, Kristen Grove and Morgan Satterfield finishing up their power points before their big panel on interior design blogging.

Obviously their panel was a big success, and very full. Look at those accomplished ladies. zthe panel was great covering everything from how often to post to how to get more clients, how to take the best photos you can and some really simple styling tricks to live by.

I sat in the front row for the panel on turning your blog into a book moderated by Grace and snuck a picture of Jordan’s doodles next to me.

My old friend Maxwell from Apartment Therapy was one of the keynote speakers along with Deborah Needleman and Pilar Guzman on the relationship between traditional and new media. It was a great discussion, they talked about important things, I took pictures.

I particularly liked this one of Maxwell looking like the rock star that we all know he is.

Obviously everyone looked cute all the time. Here are Erin and Jordan doing their things.

There was so much tweeting and texting and instagramming happening all the time that much of the coverage from Alt won’t be on blogs, but in photo streams and twitter accounts. You can follow me here on twitter and find me on instagram through that for a whole bunch of candids from the Summit.

These were some of my favorite ladies, my Crew, if you will: Emily, new friends Lisa Congdon and Rena Tom, Victoria from sfgirlbybay and of course, Morgan. Not pictured, but equally important were Haily and Julie, Rebecca and Jess.

There weren’t many men at Alt, so the ones who were there really had to make it count. This is Jason Hudson of These Roving Eyes, an incredibly talented and hilarious photographer from Toronto who is now one of my favorite people on Earth. We were roommates thanks to Morgan and became fast friends. He is Canadian and so extremely polite and then also completely irreverent and the most fun to be around. Here he is teaching a class on studio lighting with the equally talented photographer Ryan Marshall.

I leave you with this grainy iPhone pic of Emily, me and Morgan on our way out to one of the many (many) cocktail parties, basically sponsored by

More pics coming including too many of pictures of snow.