the 5

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

This year is becoming the year of the road trip and I’m not complaining. A quick jaunt up the 5 this past weekend to San Francisco yielded miles and miles and miles of blossoming trees at sunset. Couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Highlights lacking photo evidence: starting our book club book, eating breakfast at st. francis where they have a bougainvillea cocktail (that I didn’t try but still…), checked out the new muji store, ate dinner at bar agricole (where everything is amazing and you have to have their old fashioned served in the thinnest most delicate glass you’ve ever seen) and saw a great show. Also I want to thank the future for allowing me to stream an episode of Nashville from the back of a moving vehicle on the 5 freeway onto my phone in present day time.

joshua tree

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Spontaneously spent the weekend in Joshua Tree with some lady friends. We were just there for an overnight so we packed in as much thrifting, eating and exploring as we could. The highlight was spending the afternoon right into the sunset in the park as the light got golden and the wind kicked up enough dust to give the landscape an eerie never ending horizon. We took pictures, shot a lot of vines (follow Cheryl Nichols on Vine, you won’t be sorry) and drank in one of my favorite places on Earth.

Thanks to Bethany, Cheryl, Kate and Alison for the good times.

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walking in san francisco

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

About to head up to san francisco for some shoots and wanted to share these photos from my last trip. They’re from the foggy walk I took on my last day in the city after helping Yellow Owl Workshop make a book (here’s a candid) along with Miranda Jones. I slipped away trying to take in as much of the cold weather as I possible could. 100 degree temps were waiting for me in LA, but on this walk, I had my puffy jacket on and my hair blowing around my face. And it was glorious.

I instagrammed a lot of that trip, you can follow me on instagram here or just look me up, @ljoliet.

gem-o-rama part 1

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Last week Kate and Makoto and I headed up the 14 into the desert. Destination: gem o rama (graphic design alert). Turns out there’s a place called Trona where, once a year, they put explosives in a dry lake bed and, basically, blow it up. And then there are GEMS just sitting on the ground. For you to put in your bucket and take home. And it’s pretty awesome. Thankfully there were a lot of boyscouts and geologists nerding out about it so that we knew which rocks were gems and which ones were just salt. There was a lot of shiny and it was exciting. Planning to make this an annual road trip and possible camping trip. And next year we’re not skipping the pancake breakfast.

And on a braid note, thanks to everyone who came out and brought such big smiles to the braids by brislin event. We’ll be posting photos soon!

last days of summer

Monday, September 24th, 2012

…at least I hope these are the last days of summer, considering that it is already fall.

Some instax minis from some beachy girl hang time this weekend. Kate and Lisa and I escaped the heat and drove up to Neptune’s Net, ate clam chowder out of a bowls made of bread and put our feet in the water. We met up with some other amazing ladies and hatched plans for so many clubs we’ll all have to quit our jobs (working for ourselves) to devote our lives to leisure activities.

oh california + vsco film

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Going through photos from the middle of summer from a quick trip near santa barbara. It was overcast and moody and a bittersweet trip, I won’t go into details but, yeah. On our last morning we drove around so that I could find some bougainvillea to photograph. We found that first house and I fell in love. We also ran across some suburban gardens and moments that seemed so very southern california. So very perfect for applying VSCO Film to.

Visual Supply Company was nice enough to send me a copy of VSCO Film (in may I think, oops!) to play around with. It’s a plug in for light room (and aperture) that has presets that emulate different kinds of film. Once installed you just scroll through and can apply different treatments to your photos and then adjust using the same tools you normally use in light room for all kinds of film looks. I especially liked using the presets on some of the darker photographs to add more depth and emotion. Reminded me of my film roots *though I do not miss printing in the darkroom. Excited to get more practice, especially with black and white (they have t-Max 3200! as a preset!). They also have an iphone app called VSCo cam that I use sometimes on my instagrams (instead of an instagram filter).

These images also reminded me of this video posted on Curbed of, basically, a french existential look at 1960′s los angeles (like this). It has everything that this video has only it is 100% sincere. And it’s why I love the french. And los angeles.

impossible project film

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Brought my sx-70 polaroid land camera with me to santa barabara last weekend (I brought a lot of gear) and started playing around with impossible project’s new px-70 color shade film. Thought it would be perfect for capturing some of the sun drenched california landscape. The film is admittedly tempermental and even with the exposure setting turned to dark the images came out pretty washed out (even though I shaded them immediately) and some didn’t actually turn out.

I still love the aesthetic, just wish it was a bit more consistent (I remember the days of real polaroid film — one of my first photo school projects was done entirely with sx-70 film and though it wasn’t entirely predictable it wasn’t a complete surprise, either). Excited to keep playing with it on my next trip — shooting my first wedding, in colorado.

Have you tried impossible project film? Any tips?

Also, because I’m in love with california and road tripping now more than ever, I really appreciate these shots by brian ferry.

angeles crest

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Sometimes I just drive.

I like to look, I like to daydream and I feel calm in the landscape. Yesterday in Angeles Crest was a pretty good day for it.

california the beautiful

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

I went through a bunch of old pictures recently and ran across these photos from a helicopter ride over LA a couple of years back. We flew with Elliott’s uncle from LA over the angeles crest range to lancaster and then followed the 14 back down to the 405. It reminds me why I love california. Even though I was terrified the whole time that I was going to die (the hot weather made for a bumpy ride). There’s just nothing like it.

Old Town Orange (Cowboys + Ships)

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Met up with Jonathan and Abby a couple weeks ago to check out old town Orange. We hit up the antique malls and Bruxie where we ate fried chicken and waffles.

Jonathan shared his favorite vintage places with us. I’ve been searching for oil paintings of the desert (namely joshua tree, or anything with ocotillo). I didn’t find any but was still drawn to all things Western. Pendleton blankets, tin cups, dusty boots, horses and jugs (obviously). And then I can never resist nautically themed items. There was an amazing ship painting that we should have just bought for Gregory, but didn’t.

These were my purchases–3 vintage late 60′s/early 70s pieces of pottery that I’ve started to plant (with one of my favorite succulents aptly name ‘Fang’. It will grow taller so the scale will work better with the pot.). They remind me of my grandma, of California.