animal print shop giveaway + nursery tour

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Earlier in the summer I got together with Sharon Montrose of Animal Print Shop fame and Morgan Satterfield to collaborate on a design/interior/photo project. Sharon was excited to launch new prints and wanted to put Morgan’s design and styling talents to good use, putting together the most awesome of nurseries. A nursery to rival all nurseries. A nursery fit for The Brick House. And since Sharon would be busy helming the endeavor (and generally being pretty boss), she asked me to come on board and shoot it. It didn’t hurt that Morgan and I have a history of collaborating on projects (see here, here and here) so we all traveled out to Palm Springs and spent 3 days installing and shooting. Morgan totally brought it and made the best looking nursery I’ve seen. Arian from Modshift even came along and shot a a fun video (see it here)!

Oh wait did I mention there’s an amazing GIVEAWAY? Yeah, see that modern Oeuf crib, that Rove Concepts womb chair and the Animal Print Shop Prints? Yeah it’s all part of the giveaway (you get to choose your print (s) up to $1,000 worth). Enter the giveaway here! It’s basically all the elements you need to make your own modern nursery. And then some.

Can’t wait to share more of what we worked on that week.

And thanks again to Sharon, who is such a joy to work with, and honestly, my spirit animal. Also Morgan is cool, too.

(All images shot for Sharon Montrose and The Animal Print Shop)

crested butte in instagram

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Crested Butte was a little like summer camp. The plane ride over was full of friends all going to the wedding, I ate ice cream every day, went kayaking with the ladies, took lots of pictures of the sky, drove around with the windows down, saw cows, hung out in a teepee, saw a double rainbow, slept in a bunk bed made of logs, saw the worlds largest aspen forest, hot tubbed and watched the olympics. Oh, and Morgan and I shot keith and alissa’s wedding (peek). All in a day’s work.

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