secrets from a stylist: episode 6

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here is the first episode I ever shot for Emily and her show Secrets from A Stylist. Emily goes super in depth recapping the process and sharing where and how and why she brought in what she did and you can read the one for this episode here and here and (if you’re like me and no longer have tv and ony watch tv on the computer) you can watch the full episode here on

I loved the slingy milo baughman looking chairs, the collection of vintage cameras, the cowhide, the barcart, and surprisingly I really really like the purple on the walls. I showed up on my own and just shot away without distraction. The light was great and I only had to shoot around 2 doorways that led into ‘undone’ rooms. I also got to style the flowers (I just matched what Emily had there with fresh ones, but it was a good lesson anyway). It was a great start to shooting with Em and still one of my favorite spaces.

And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for the homeowner, check out Amy’s blog to hear the other side of things and get a glimpse into how much gets edited for reality tv.

secrets from a stylist

Friday, February 25th, 2011

So I’ve been uber excited about a recent photo project with the talented Emily Henderson. If you recall, last year she won Design Star which in turn won her her own show, which she’s been filming (and man has she been busy). The new show Secrets From a Stylist premieres this weekend (Saturday night at 9pm on HGTV). Where do I fit in? She wanted help documenting her ‘afters’ so I’ve been shooting each space as she finishes it!

These images are a sneak peek from the first episode that hasn’t aired yet. She created a ‘hollywood regency/country club’ inspired living room in a great home in the hollywood hills. This was the second place I shot and it was so different from the first that I just know this season is going to be amazing. I’ve now seen 6 of the afters (including Joy’s place) and we are all in for a treat. Expect more images over on emily’s blog as the season progresses.

Watch the show Secrets From a Stylist: Saturdays at 9pm on hgtv.